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Neighbors Educated Together (NET) is a distinct learning community at Texas Woman's University. NET offers first year students the opportunity to take courses together while residing in a clustered living environment in the residence hall. Upper class students, who are NET alumna, serve as the RAs (resident assistants) and PAs (peer advisors) for the communities. The RAs and PAs live on the floors with NET students in Stark or Guinn Hall, providing valuable resources and assistance to the residents in the community.

Premiere faculty from English, History and Government, Sociology, Psychology, Math and Women's Studies work directly with NET students--both residential and commuter--inside and outside the classroom. Participants in NET enroll in the same classes and participate in social and academic groups.

Research shows that the first semester at a college or university is a critical period for a new student. The NET faculty, RAs, PAs and staff provide valuable assistance with the transition to college life.

NET - The Program
Students participating in the NET program will enroll in a block of courses together, comprised of three NET courses each semester during the Freshman year.

An example of the NET Blocks and Courses are as follows. During the fall semester, freshmen take English, History, and University 1231: Contemporary Learning in Higher Education; or English, Math and University 1231. During the spring semester, students may take English, History, and Women's Studies or Sociology (Multicultural Studies).

In addition, NET offers specific blocks of courses for Honors students.  To participate in the honors block, students must be admitted to the TWU Honors Scholars program.

To receive information about the Honors Scholar program contact Dr. Guy Litton, Program Director, at 940-898-2337, or email, or click on:
Honors Scholar Program - Home
All courses offered in the NET program are a part of the University's core curriculum.

Program Requirements

* Enroll in the specified NET courses each semester
* Have a high school transcript on file in the TWU Admissions Office

To qualify as an Honors participant, students must be admitted to the TWU Honors Scholar Program.

Residential participants will live in Stark Hall or Guinn Hall. Exact housing placements will be made after studnets have attended New Student Orientation, and NET participants are selected.

Students Can Expect From NET:

* A network of friends
* Community spirit
* Contact with faculty inside and outside of the classroom
* Access to peer assistance and study groups
* Improved grades
* Assistance in reaching academic goals
* Classroom learning extended to the residence  hall
* A means to address social and academic concerns
* An enhanced classroom experience

Application Process

To participate in the NET program you must:

1. Be admitted to TWU.

2. Residential NET Participants Only--Complete your housing application online with credit card payment (If you completed your housing application and $150 fee earlier, simply return your completed Living Learning Community application. The $50 activity fee will be billed to your student account.)

3. Return your completed NET application by June 1 to the Department of University Housing at the address indicated on the application or email as an attachemnt to

4. Your high school transcript must be on file at the TWU Admissions Office.

Acceptance to the NET program will be made on a date-order, space-available basis for applicants who meet the program requirements. A maximum of 25 students will be accepted to each learning community. Residential participants will live in Stark Hall or Guinn Hall.  Exact housing placements will be made after students have attended New Student Orientaiton and NET participants are selected.

Enrollment & Orientation

Students interested in the NET program can attend a special Living Learning Community session during New Student Orientation. This session will give students an opportunity to meet the faculty, staff, and other students involved in the NET program. New Student Orientation is offered several times during the summer. Students interested in the NET program should attend the first orientation in June as space is very limited and offered on a first come first served basis. To receive more information about New Student Orientation, contact the Center for Student Development at 940-898-3626, or visit the web site: New Student Orientation - Orientation

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