Types of Living Learning Communities

Arts LLC

The Arts LLC is designed to expand involvement with the arts by engaging in the arts through structured and unstructured experiences.  Members participate in a minimum of three activities relating to the arts each semester, as well as lend support to other members of the community through attendance at recitals, performances, and exhibits. Faculty and University sponsored trips to area performances and exhibits are also a part of this dynamic community.  Students majoring in arts, dance, drama, and music are invited to apply to live in this exciting LLC. 

College based LLCs

College based LLC mirror the four University colleges, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing and College of Professional Education.  Students participating in the College based LLC are placed in the LLC based on their major/college and enroll in a block of courses together for both the fall and spring semester.

Civic Engagement LLC

The Civic Engagement LLC, in conjunction with the Office of Civility & Community Standards, will foster a community of like-minded students who are passionate about public service, social justice, civility and community empowerment.  Throughout the year, discussions and activities will promote opportunities for students to explore these areas of interests and provide hands on experience.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own interests in public service beyond college and will have the opportunity to engage with campus administrators and community leaders over the course of the year.  

Commuter LC

The Commuter learning community, in conjunction with the Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE) Office offers students living at home and commuting to campus this unique opportunity. Members of the commuter learning community program will enroll in a blocked course schedule together, comprised of required courses during both the fall and spring semesters.  The UNIV 1231 section for this community is tailored to address commuting needs and is taught by CARE staff (Commuter Department). Although commuter LC students do not live together, this is the next best thing to the traditional residential experience.

Entrepreneurship LLC

The Entrepreneurship LLC will foster understanding that Entrepreneurship is more than an academic discipline and reaches far beyond the concept of traditional business creation and small business management. Entrepreneurship is a mindset; a framework for thinking and acting that can empower individuals and organizations to succeed in the 21st Century. And, in today’s rapidly changing, highly-complex world, the need for entrepreneurial thinkers at all levels of society has never been greater.

In collaboration with the Center for Women in Business and the School of Management, the Entrepreneurship LLC will strive to prepare first year students to become workforce-ready.  Next-generation innovators elevate the entrepreneurial thinking of the existing workforce.  An entrepreneurial mindset cultivates curiosity and creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving, and collaboration - skills that drive individual and organizational success. And, an entrepreneurial mindset can empower leaders by exposing new opportunities, igniting ambition, and fostering innovation in highly ambiguous, resource-constrained environments. Members participate in a minimum of three activities including an innovation lab relating to entrepreneurship and/or innovation each semester as well as lending support for other members of the community.

Honors LLC

Honors LLC offers specific blocks of courses for Honors students. To participate in the Honors LLC, students must be admitted to the TWU Honors Scholars program.

To receive information about the Honors Scholar program contact Beth Yelverton, Assistant Director, at 940-898-2337, or email honors@twu.edu, or review the TWU Honors Scholar Program website.

Lead Maroon LLC

Lead Maroon LLC in conjunction with the Center for Student Development will focus on developing and fine-tuning students leadership skills. Lead Maroon members will be able to develop their full leadership potential while at TWU and beyond. Lead Maroon is centered on challenging students to be influential in a global society and supporting Texas Woman’s University’s core purpose of igniting students’ potential, purpose, and pioneering spirit.

Psychology Majors LLC

The Psychology LLC will house psychology majors and allow them to have an academic-focused community. This will encourage study groups and facilitate enriching conversation regarding psychology that would not be found in any other LLC. Each member of this LLC will be placed in a block of courses with other members that are essential to their degree.

Recreation LLC

The Recreation LLC, in conjunction with the Fitness & Recreation Center will promote a healthy lifestyle through various recreational activities including indoor and outdoor programs. Activities are inclusive and will be developed for all skill levels. Members participate in a minimum of three recreational activities each semester as well as provide support for other members of the community.  Fitness & Recreation sponsored programs are part of this community focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

TWU Serves LLC

TWU Serves LLC in conjunction with the Center for Student Development will focus on community service activities for students. TWU Serves members will participate in community service activities each semester and will experience co-curricular programming centered on giving back to the TWU and Denton community.  Students will also design, promote and implement a service project during the fall and spring semesters.


The Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) LLC promotes academic success by facilitating a focus on common personal and academic goals for students majoring in one or more of the STEM field areas. Students will be able to connect with peers who have the same interest in science, math, engineering, or technology and form meaningful partnerships with their STEM departments to enhance their academic development. Students participating in the STEM LLC are placed in the LLC based on their major.


The SUCCESS Mentoring Program in conjunction with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach is a mentoring program designed to assist first-generation first year college students in making a successful and enjoyable transition to college by creating a educationally and supportive network in order for them to be successful in their first year at Texas Woman’s University.

Peer associations are important in creating opportunities for leadership and cultural support and can provide a supportive educational environment aimed at student development and academic success. To participate in the SUCCESS LLC, students must be admitted through the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach application process.

To receive information about the SUCCESS program contact Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman, Associate Director, at 940-898-3679, or email intercultural@twu.edu, or review the SUCCESS Mentoring website.