Service Opportunities

Community Services

Students in the Touchstone Honors Program must complete three projects with TWU Helping Hands by the time they graduate, or they may alternatively complete two projects through TWU Helping Hands and volunteer for ten hours at a DFW non-profit organization of their choice.

Students in the Honors Scholars Program must volunteer for an average of 12.5 hours per semester. 

A few of the organizations we are affiliated with are:

  • Family Resale of North Texas
  • Ruth's Room
  • Denton Campus Theater
  • Christian Community Action
  • Friends of the Family
  • Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Service on a Committee

Because TWU’s Honors Scholar Program looks to its students for leadership, honors students are also encouraged to fulfill the service requirement by service on one of a number of committees that help guide and enrich the program. Some examples include:

  • Publications Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Service Committee
  • Social/Cultural Committee
  • Recruiting Committee
  • Outreach Committee

Service as an Officer

The officers serve in the official student organization of the Honors Scholar Program, the Athenian Honor Society.  The officer positions are:

  • President  
  • Vice President
  • Social/Cultural Secretary
  • Secretary of Service
  • Secretary of Fundraising
  • Secretary of Recruitment
  • Secretary of Publications
  • Secretary of Outreach
  • HAC Representative (2)

Also, serving the Honors Program in appointed positions:

  • Alumni Relations Liaison
  • HFA Liaison