We offer four separate degree tracks in government tailored to our students’ needs depending on their career aspirations.

Whether you decide to pursue law, politics, public service, graduate studies or any career of your choosing, each track will equip you with a solid foundation in critical thinking, research and writing skills to help you achieve your future personal and professional goals.

Legal Studies Emphasis

Law schools have no prescribed pre-law curriculum, program or major. According to the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, there are important skills, values and significant bodies of knowledge that you can acquire prior to law school that provide a sound foundation for a legal education.

Students who major in our government program with an emphasis in legal studies will take courses that:

  • develop their critical thinking, writing, speaking and problem-solving skills in a legal context
  • offer them a broad range of electives dealing with the law-making process, public policy and the history of our legal system
  • prepare them for internship opportunities with law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and non-profit public interest groups

Our legal studies emphasis requires 30 semester credit hours in courses that focus on constitutional law, the legal environment, criminal law, moot court or legal research. View our Undergraduate Catalog for further details on our pre-law course offerings.

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Minor in Government

Our department also offers a minor in government, which requires 18 hours semester credit hours with at least six of those hours being advanced. View our Undergraduate Catalog for details about our government courses.

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