Ibid. A Student History Journal Volume 11 Spring 2018

Ibid. A Student Journal. Volume 11, 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page (pdf)
  2. Dedication (pdf)
  3. Forward to the Eleventh Volume (pdf)
  4. Meet the Eta Nu Chapter (pdf)
  5. Members of the Editorial Board (pdf)
  6. Introduction to the Eleventh Volume (pdf)
  7. Contributors to the Eleventh Volume (pdf)

Valentine J. Belfiglio Prize Winners

Awarded by the Student Editorial Board, the Valentine J. Belfiglio Paper Prize recognizes the finest papers submitted to the journal in the calendar year. Typically, awarded to two papers, this award is a highly coveted prize. Named for Cornaro Professor of Government, Valentine J. Belfiglio, Ph.D., the award honors the professor’s commitment to academic writing and scholarly excellence.

  • Women of the Shadows: Propaganda vs. Reality in the Berachah Industrial Home for the Redemption of Erring Girls, 1915-1920 (pdf)
    Megan Joblin
  • Armaments for the Daughters of Zion: The Puritan Woman and her Spiritual Authority over the Physical World (pdf)
    Aaron James Whiting

Forum: Benjamin Franklin & Identity

This year’s volume includes a special section examining the ever-enigmatic identities of Benjamin Franklin. Even after 300 years, Dr. Franklin (or is it Poor Richard?) continues to entertain and elude us at the same time.

Forum: Gender in an Age of Revolutions

In this special featured section, two authors analyze the nature of the “feminine sphere” in a transatlantic context. Their findings demonstrate both cultural continuity and social change in an era of Revolutionary upheaval.

Ibid. Volume 11 Essays


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