Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management

HCA Students, alumni, and Dr. Goodman.

The Department of Health Care Administration offers a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management that provides students with a foundation of knowledge necessary for a successful career in health care management. This program is especially tailored for busy professionals who are seeking additional management education to advance their careers. The GRE/GMAT exam is not required. Other application requirements for the certificate are the same as for the full MHA degree.

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management is not subject to accreditation by CAHME. The core educational component comprises 18-21 graduate-level credit hours depending on prior academic preparation and student career goals.

Students who have successfully completed the certificate program and wish to pursue the full master’s degree in health care administration at TWU may apply all certificate credit hours toward their MHA masters degree requirements. Certificate students must apply through the Graduate School as an MHA degree seeking student. No additional application documents are required. Only courses with a grade of B or better will apply toward MHA degree course requirements.

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