Degree Completion

Graduation deadlines

Students must meet all deadlines for their desired term in order to graduate. For assistance and advisement, students should consult their academic advisors.

See one of the Graduate Services Analysts in the Graduate School for more details regarding exceptions.

We suggest our Graduation Checklist as a guide to submitting the appropriate forms, with any required signatures, by the deadlines specified below.

  • Commencement information will be available on the Registrar’s website 6-8 weeks prior to graduation.
  • Diplomas are mailed approximately ten weeks after graduation.
  • Students participating in the Denton commencement ceremony may order regalia/announcements from the TWU Bookstore, 940/898-3103, in the TWU Student Center, early in the semester.
  • If you wish to continue your studies at TWU following your graduation, be sure to submit a new application through Admission Processing, Admissions Building 1st floor, 940/898-3076.

Required forms

All forms for graduation from the Graduate School may be found on the Forms page.

Application for Graduation: The online application is required for all graduating candidates; it must specify the exact name and degree which are to appear on the diploma and be completed no later than the published deadline. If the final deadline is not met, another Application for Graduation and an additional $40 must be submitted no later than the published deadline for the next semester. 

Certification of Final Examination: Upon completion of coursework, the dissertation/thesis defense, and/or final examination (oral or written), the student’s committee will sign this form and send it to the Graduate School to record the result of the examination or defense. Please do not submit an unsigned form to the Graduate School.

Microfilm/Copyright Forms (Publishing Your Thesis/Dissertation): This online booklet concerns microfilming of theses/dissertations by ProQuest. Microfilming is required for all theses and dissertations; therefore, the form entitled “Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form” in the booklet must be completed by every student submitting a thesis or dissertation. Copyrighting is optional. Fees will be assessed when the paper is filed in the Graduate School.

Thesis/Dissertation Fee Form: This form is required for all candidates submitting a thesis or dissertation. The top section must be completed by the student. The bottom section is completed and calculated in the Graduate School upon submission of the paper.

Survey of Earned Doctorates (for Doctoral Candidates ONLY): In cooperation with the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), The Council of Graduate Schools in the United States, and other graduate schools, this survey form is distributed annually to all graduates who have completed requirements for their doctoral degrees. The information provided on this form becomes part of the Doctorate Records File maintained by NORC. These surveys cover specific ranges of dates, so please verify that the form you are completing has your graduation date in its range; you will find dates on the front page of the document.

Professional Vita: All doctoral students must file two copies of a professional vita.

Address and/or Name Changes: If you need to make a change in your name or mailing address for your diploma, please contact the Graduate School. Students should notify the Registrar’s Office in writing of any change in address or name for their permanent TWU student record. In the event a diploma is not deliverable due to an incorrect address, a student may request a duplicate through the Registrar’s Office.

Deadlines for December graduation

Students must:

December 2017 Graduation Deadlines [pdf] available for printing

Deadlines for May graduation

Students must:

May 2018 Graduation Deadlines [pdf] available for printing.