Rules of Play

Check in: Each player must check in and pay the appropriate fees at the TWU Golf Course front desk. Picture ID’s and/or membership ID’s may be required. Golfers are advised to check in at least 15 minutes prior to their tee times. All players must start on hole #1. 

Fees: Forms of payment include cash, debit card, credit cards and personal checks. A valid driver’s license will be required for all cart rentals and checks.

Clubs: Each player must have a set of golf clubs.

Golf cart use:
  1. There will be a maximum of 2 riders and 2 bags per cart, whether or not the cart is rented or privately owned.
  2.  Use the 90 degree rule. (weather permitting)
  3.  Keep carts 30 feet from tees and greens.
  4.  Golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license.

Slow play: Please allow faster players to play through.

Greens: Replace all divots and repair ball marks on the greens.

Out of bounds: All fences are out of bounds.

Rain checks: Rain checks are not guaranteed and will be given based on the discretion of golf course management. No rain checks or refunds will be given due to darkness.

Refunds: TWU Fitness and Recreation does not extend memberships past their expiration dates or give refunds on unused portions of memberships and/or daily fees. A member may request that a membership be medically frozen with documented support from his/her physician.   

Membership renewals: Prorated memberships will not be offered. To utilize a membership pass, players will need to check in at the front desk each time he/she plays. In addition, the membership ID and/or photo ID may be required. 
Parking: The university has strict parking rules. Players are required to adhere to all parking signage around the golf course.

Civility: The TWU Golf Course should be a place that people enjoy coming to in order to meet their fitness and recreational needs. As a result, individuals who are abusive to  staff, patrons, equipment, or facilities will be asked to leave TWU property and will forfeit their privilege of access.
Alcoholic beverages: Patrons are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages on campus, including the Golf Course Clubhouse and the Golf Course.
Dress code: Only soft-soled shoes and/or golf cleats can be worn on the course. Appropriate tee-shirts and shorts or pants are also required. Shirts must be worn at all times. Metal spiked shoes are not allowed. 

Inclement weather: Examples of inclement weather that would close the golf course include rain, frost, frozen greens or when the outside temperature is below 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit. After heavy rain, play may be limited. In the event of inclement weather, please call the TWU Golf Course at 940-898-3163 for green conditions.

When the course is closed: At any time the TWU Golf Course is closed, trespassing is not permitted. This includes nighttime hours, inclement weather, dangerous weather conditions and/or holidays.

Lightning: TWU Golf Course reserves the right to close the golf course when signs of lightning are present. Players are strongly advised to leave the course and avoid seeking shelter near large trees or other tall structures.

Injury and/or damage: TWU will not be held responsible for any injury to or damage caused by players. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to cars or other property, and injuries of players. Participation is voluntary; therefore, players assume the risk.

Food and drink: No glass containers or personal coolers are permitted. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted. Please dispose of all trash in appropriate trash/recycle receptacles.

Age requirements: Any participants under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult at all times. To rent and/or drive the golf carts, participants must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. 
Private golf carts: Players wishing to use personally owned golf carts are still required to abide by all TWU Golf Course policies and procedures and are required to pay a trail fee.   

Club rentals: Golf club sets may be rented for $12/set. A current ID will be retained until clubs are returned. 
Rental carts: Players must have a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart. After a golf round is completed, players are required to park rental golf carts in front of the clubhouse and return the golf cart key to the front desk.    

Equipment and facility issues: For everyone’s safety, please do not ignore, use, or try to fix broken equipment. If a piece of equipment is broken, report it to the first available staff member immediately (940) 898-3163.   

Flat tires on golf carts: In the event a golf cart gets a flat tire while out on the golf course, do not continue to drive it. Instead, please call the front desk at (940) 898-3163 and a golf attendant will refill the tire with air or replace the cart.