Open Letter to the Denton Golfing Community

Dear Denton Golfing Community:

As of Feb. 9, 2018, Texas Woman’s University officials announced that the university intends to temporarily reconfigure its Pioneer Golf Course. The timeline for the transition depends on timing of the construction of the new TWU soccer field.

Recent master planning meetings at Texas Woman’s University have focused on ways to keep part of the golf course open as the university expands the campus to meet student needs and expectations. The start of construction of the new soccer field and golf course reconfiguration is expected to happen in Spring 2018.

The relocation of the current soccer field is necessary to support the construction of a new residence hall and dining complex to accommodate students on the Denton campus. This complex is slated for completion in summer 2019.

Longer term plans for the golf course depend on the finalization of the university’s master plan, and details regarding the exact reconfiguration of the course are still in the planning stage.