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Endowment funds are like blocks of granite. They last. And last. And one way you extend your influence into the future is by carving your name in a Texas Woman's University Foundation endowment fund.

Generations from now, the students, faculty, and staff of Texas Woman's University will benefit from your foresight and generosity. They will see your name on your endowment and know that you once cared enough to support the ongoing mission of Texas Woman's University.

You can create an endowment in your own name or you can memorialize a loved one or someone else who strongly impacted your life, such as a teacher, a spouse or a trusted friend. Endowments can be established with the Texas Woman's University Foundation now, during your life. You can use cash, securities, real estate - almost anything of value. Or you can arrange for an endowment to be established through your will at the time of death.

You may also name the TWU Foundation as a beneficiary to your insurance policy or retirement plan. Some alums and friends do both. They establish an endowment now so they can watch it grow and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their fund benefit students, faculty, and staff. They may add to it periodically and possibly encourage family members and friends to get involved. Then, through their wills, they make a provision for a final and often larger contribution to the endowment.

One reason for establishing an endowment now is to have in place a means whereby friends and loved ones can tangibly express their thoughtfulness in your honor or during times of bereavement. Being able to give to something permanent that represents your ongoing influence can mean a lot to them.

When you establish an endowment, you accomplish several things. You express confidence in the future of Texas Woman's University; you create a lasting heritage; you encourage present and future leadership; and you truly make a difference in the lives of so many students, faculty and staff.

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