Eligibility Requirements

General Requirements

  • Be a United States Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be accepted by TWU in a degree program. Students admitted with non-degree seeking or certificate only status are not eligible for scholarships, grants, loans, or Federal Work-Study.
  • Not be in default on an educational loan or owe a refund for an educational grant.
  • Use all funds received through financial aid programs to meet educational cost directly related to attendance at the University.
  • Have declared a major if beyond freshman classification.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.
  • Graduate students must be accepted into a graduate program.
  • If male, be registered with Selective Service or be exempt.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Not have been convicted for possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while receiving federal or state student financial aid.
  • Be enrolled for at least six semester credit hours each semester
Enrollment Requirements
Summer Enrollment Requirements

You must have all required/requested documents in the financial aid office by March 15th each year.

Students must complete one of the following minimum enrollments to receive most financial aid programs and all student loans for summer.

Summer Semester EnrollmentMinimum Hours
Summer I only 6 hours
Summer II only 6 hours
Summer III only 6 hours
Summer only 6 hours

Students may enroll in the following combinations of hours as long as the total completed hours equal 6 semester hours and they are enrolled in each semester of the combination.

Summer Semester EnrollmentMinimum Hours
Summer I + Summer II 3 hrs SI plus 3 hrs SII
Summer II or Summer III + Summer 3 hrs SII or S + 3 hrs SIII
Summer I + Summer III 3 hrs SI + 3 hrs SIII
Summer II + Summer III 3 hrs SII + 3 hrs SIII

Failure to enroll in and maintain at least six hours for any of the above combinations will result in the cancellation of the loan. If your loan is cancelled due to inadequate summer enrollment, you must reapply in order to receive loan disbursements for any remaining summer semesters. You must meet the minimum 6 hours enrollment for the new loan.

If you are awarded a loan for more than one summer semester and you enroll for less than six semester hours in the first semester of that loan period, you will not be eligible to receive your summer loan funds until the next summer session unless enrolled in dissertation, thesis, or professional paper. EXAMPLE: If you enroll in three semester hours for Summer I and three semester hours in Summer II, you cannot receive your loan funds for Summer I until Summer II. EXAMPLE: If you enroll for three credit hours for Summer II and three semester hours for Summer III, you cannot receive your loan funds for Summer II until Summer III. See 2018 Summer Financial Aid Award Payments for additional information on summer disbursements and refunds.

Repeating Courses
Failure to Enroll / Re-Enroll
Other Requirements

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