Peggy Lisenbee PhD

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Development and Education

Office: WH 104-A
Phone: 940-898-2635


PhD, Curriculum & Social Foundations, Early Childhood Education, Oklahoma State University, 2009
MS, Human Development & Family Studies, Early Childhood Development, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1992
BS, Family Relations & Child Development, Oklahoma State University, 1985

Research Interests

Technology integration; active learning; teacher action research; literacy; developmentally appropriate practices; advocacy; early childhood education; pedaogy


My research focus allows me to support teachers’ use of technology in their early childhood classrooms as a tool to improve their effective pedagogical skills. I enjoy sharing student-centered active learning processes as a means to discover ways to engage students in content, but most especially when I can involve teachers in action research during this process. I am an advocate for implementing developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood classrooms. I promote literacy of all forms, but specifically in relation to encouraging young children to embrace a love of life-long reading. I hope to be a children’s author someday which would support my love of reading from a different perspective. I have three grown children, a wonderful husband, and two cats, for now. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling and reading at the beach.

Selected Publications

  • Lisenbee, P.S. (In Press). Field experiences support agency towards effective pedagogy. In S.Harris (Ed.). Effective Teaching: Educators Perspective of Meaning Making in Higher Education, (pp.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Lisenbee, P.S. (2017). The role of literacy tutoring as a method for improving pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions of preservice teachers. In J. Pilgrim, L.A. Sharp, & E. Hendrix (Eds.). Texas Association for Literacy Education Yearbook: Literacy Alive and Well! Supporting Effective Literacy Instruction for All Learners, Volume 4 (pp. 28-39).
  • Lisenbee, P.S. (2017). Engage students in making connections between pedagogy and real world experiences using traditional and digital storytelling, Early Childhood Education Journal, 45(2), 1-11. DOI: 10.1007/s10643-017-0846-x
  • Lisenbee, P.S. (2016). Generation gap between students’ needs and teachers’ use of technology in classrooms, Journal of Literacy and Technology, 17(3), 100-125.
  • Lisenbee, P.S., Hallman, C. & Landry, D. (2015). Geocaching is catching student’s attention in the classroom, The Geography Teacher, 12(1).