Elizabeth McCarroll, PhD

M.S. in Child Life Program Coordinator
Professor of Early Childhood Development and Education

Office: WH 110
Phone: 940-898-2736


PhD, Texas Tech University, Human Development and Family Studies
MS, Texas Tech University, Human Development and Family Studies
BS, University of Texas, Human Development and Family Studies
Certified Child Life Specialist, Association of Child Life Professionals

Research Interests

Social and emotional development of children, including peer relationships and friendships; impact of hospitalization on children and on parents/parenting; infant and toddler development


Elizabeth McCarroll is a professor in child development and also is a Certified Child Life Specialist. She teaches both online and face-to-face courses at the undergraduate and graduate level on topics related to the field of child life, the impact of hospitalization on children, and in child development. Her research agenda includes examining the social and emotional development of children, both inside and outside of a healthcare setting. She also is interested in how health status might impact the parent-child relationship, and parenting decision making. She has presented her research findings in local, regional, and national forums, as well as in peer-reviewed, professional journals. She is actively involved as a member of the Texas Association of Child Life professionals, as well as the national organization, Association of Child Life Professionals.

Selected Publications

  • Mechler, H. M & McCarroll, E. M. (2017). Factors that influence parents’ meta-emotion approaches: Implications for families. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Social Sciences, 1(2), 46-52.
  • Ajanga, A. & McCarroll, E. M. (2013). Children’s hospitalization and parental involvement. The HAAEYC Advocate, Winter edition.
  • Colvin, W. & McCarroll, E. M. (2013). Art with children with delays and disabilities: Teaching the way children learn. Texas Child Care Quarterly, Fall Edition.
  • Mills, H. C. & McCarroll, E. M. (2012). Ramifications associated with child abuse. Advances in Applied Sociology, December 2012.
  • Mills, H.C., & McCarroll, E.M. (2012). Adults' guidance and the development of children's emotion regulation. Texas Child Care Quarterly, Summer Edition.

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