Faculty Committees

Faculty Committees address matters that directly affect academic policy and faculty concerns. Members are appointed from the list of eligible voters as defined in the Senate Constitution. Each voting unit will be represented on each Faculty Committee by fifty percent of its number of senators as determined by the current apportionment for election of senators unless otherwise designated by the Senate Committee Selection Committee. Faculty committee appointees are notified at the beginning of the academic year and serve for two years; a second term may be served for a total of four years. The Senate Committee Selection Committee will designate those faculty to be appointed to serve on the following committees: Curriculum; Intellectual Property; University Library Advisory Committee; and, Research Support. The Faculty Review Committee and the Faculty Evaluation and Development Committee shall be elected. As required by state law, the Faculty Development Committee will also be elected. The Senate Elections Committee will conduct these elections. Committees may be added to or deleted from the above list by action of the Senate.

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