Use of Facilities

Access Key Control

Faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and students may be issued keys to buildings, offices, and classrooms assigned to them or where special access is required. Key requests are made to TWU Facilities Management and Construction with the approval of the employee's dean or director. For information and details, Texas Woman's University Policy Access Key Control Denton, Dallas, and Houston has been provided to state the authority, responsibilities, and procedures. When a key is no longer needed or upon termination of employment, the recipient must return the key to the Access Control Office. A replacement fee will be charged if a key is lost or is not returned upon separation from the University. Keys issued may not be used by nor transferred to another individual. Keys may not be duplicated. Loss of a key is to be reported to the Access Control Office immediately.

Faculty and staff, with proper University identification, may be admitted to a building after normal business hours by the Department of Public Safety. A student may be admitted only with prior written permission from the student's instructor and department head. This service is available on the Denton campus only; Houston and Dallas campus buildings are not open after hours.

Classroom Assignments

Classroom assignments for all classes are made through University Scheduling in the Office of the Senior Associate Provost. Classes should be scheduled following the recommended uniform scheduling time frames and meet within the established University calendar for each semester. Meeting times, days and classrooms may not be changed unilaterally or informally. Change requests should be processed through the department chair and dean to University Scheduling. Instructors are requested to notify University Scheduling through their department chair and dean when specific times have been established for classes noted as "To Be Announced."

Purchasing of Services, Supplies, and Equipment

For all allowable items, the most cost effective method for purchasing services, supplies and equipment is through the use of the State issued procurement card. The non-allowable items list and purchase limits may be accessed on the TWU Controller’s Office web site.

For those items that are not allowable expenses on the procurement card, requisitions are required. Requisitions are initiated by the department and processed through the Office of the Controller. Once a requisition is approved by a department allow minimum of 5 business days for that requisition to be converted to a Purchase Order.

All TWU employees (including faculty, staff, and students) should be aware that the University is under no obligation for payment without an approved and signed purchase order generated in the Office of the Controller. An on-line requisition is not an official purchase order and should not be used nor construed as such. Any employee who makes a financial commitment (verbal or written) to vendors, consultants, students, etc., is acting outside of established procedures. Any such unauthorized action does not obligate the University, and may incur a personal obligation to the third party.

Procedures for all procurement activity, including emergency purchases, are prescribed by state law and are administered by the Texas ProcurementProcurement and Support Services. When contacting vendors for purchases over $5,000, you are required to solicit and obtain a minimum of 3 bids. For all bid solicitations, a minimum of 2 bids must be obtained from vendors that are state certified Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB's). You may access the link to State Hub vendors from the TWU Purchasing web site.

Maintenance and Repairs

Information concerning the need for services or repairs to any type of office machine or duplicating equipment is available from the Purchasing Office. Telephone repairs should be reported directly to the Office of Technology. Repair of scientific/research equipment is the responsibility of the University Scientific Equipment Repair Service. Requests for other types of maintenance and repair work should be made to Facilities Management and Construction. Renovations or construction require the prior approval of the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Construction and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Moving Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment, including classroom furniture, may not be moved from one room or building to another without authorization. Requests to move state property are made to the Office of Inventory Control through the department director. The Office of Inventory Control receives requests for furniture and equipment moves, transfers, and items to be turned into surplus through the Property Transfer/Removal form. The form may be completed online by going to the Facilities Management web site. Move requests will not be processed by Inventory Control until a transfer/release form is completed and approved by the department director. In addition, all "Move Request" and "Property Transfer/Removal" forms will be reviewed and approved by TWU Interior Designer before furniture is relocated. Any furniture relocated without approval will be placed back in its original location or held in a secure surplus room.

Requests for the acquisition of new classroom furniture should be directed, through academic channels, to the Director, Academic Budget and Resources.

Written authorization is required for the off-campus use of University property. The Off-Campus Use of University Property Policy outlines procedures for removing property from campus and provides information regarding employee liability for loss of or damage to University property.

Campus Mail Service

The University operates an internal campus mail service to assist departments with their daily interoffice and off-campus mail. Departmental mailboxes, at all locations, are for the convenience of faculty and administrative offices. These mailboxes are restricted to official University business. Advertising, political literature, and other non-business mailings are prohibited. Only official University mail should be placed in the campus mail system.


Buildings and parking facilities (excluding private residence hall rooms) located at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Dallas, and Houston are smoke-free.

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