Schedule of Pay

Faculty are paid once a month, with the checks being issued on the first working day of the month following the pay period unless that day is a national holiday. If the first working day of a month is a national holiday, payments will be electronically deposited on the following day. A full-time faculty member holding nine-month appointment may choose to have his/her contract salary divided into nine (9) or twelve (12) equal payments. A faculty member on a terminal contract does not have the option of spreading payments over twelve (12) months. Summer pay for full-time employment is normally paid at the rate of 30.2% of the nine-month contract pay and is paid in three (3) equal payments. The choice of receiving the nine-month contract pay in nine (9) or twelve (12) equal payments may be elected once annually, before the first day of classes begin for the fall semester. If the faculty option form is not completed by the first day of class, then all nine-month contracts will follow the previous year’s election for returning faculty and will be divided into nine (9) equal payments for new faculty.

Page last updated 3:52 PM, June 15, 2017