Ranks and Titles of University Faculty

Faculty members on a tenure track must be full-time and appointed to one of the standard ranks: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Instructor. These appointments are made in accordance with the individual's qualifications and experience, but require appropriate credentials including the terminal degree from an accredited institution. The terminal degree shall be consistent with the profession or discipline.
The rank of Instructor is a full-time appointment. Although the time in rank of Instructor can be part of the probationary period, tenure will be granted only if the person meets all of the requirements for promotion and tenure.

Under appropriate circumstances where there are special needs in academic programs that require faculty experience for accreditation or other scholarly, artistic or research reasons, full-time faculty may be appointed in non-tenure track positions. These appointments are made with the following titles: Senior Lecturer, Lecturer II, Lecturer I, Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, Assistant Clinical Professor, Clinical Instructor, Research Professor, Associate Research Professor, Assistant Research Professor, Artist-in-Residence or Scholar-in-Residence.

In addition the University may employ part and full-time faculty for short periods as non-tenure track appointments. These appointments are made with the following titles: Visiting Professor, Associate Visiting Professor, Assistant Visiting Professor, Adjunct Faculty and Clinical Adjunct Faculty.

All tenure track appointments are expected to be full-time and salaried unless an exception is granted. All other titles in the series may be full-time or part-time, salaried or non-salaried.

See Policy 5.10: Ranks and Titles of University Faculty

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