Evaluation of Faculty and Administrators

Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty Members

Each faculty member at TWU is evaluated annually. The annual review of faculty performance is designed to assess the faculty member's contributions to and competencies in teaching, service, and research. Its purposes are to 1) provide a basis for professional growth and development, 2) recognize past professional performance and provide feedback to faculty who demonstrate a need for improvement, and 3) provide a structure for measuring progress systematically that will serve as basis for tenure and promotion decisions. (See Appendix IX, Framework For Annual Faculty Performance Review.)

Evaluation of Faculty on Voluntary of Modification Employment/Retirement Teaching Option

Faculty on voluntary modification of employment/retirement teaching option who wish to be considered for salary increases should advise their department chairs of their intentions to be reviewed and considered for raises during the time scheduled for faculty evaluations. All recommendations for salary increases must be based on evaluation of performance. The department chairs and deans will advise the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of their recommendations. Individual faculty members must assess the impact of salary increases on retirement and other benefits.

Evaluation of Administrators

All full-time regular faculty eligible to vote in Faculty Senate elections at TWU are provided an opportunity each academic year to assess the performance of their immediate academic supervisor and other University officers by anonymously completing a questionnaire about the performance of each administrator. The purpose of the annual assessments is to enhance and facilitate the efforts of faculty and administrators to accomplish department, college, center, and University goals. In addition, providing information to administrators about how faculty members perceive their performance may promote their personal, professional, and administrative growth and development.

The process is conducted by the Faculty Senate and is overseen and monitored by the Administrator Evaluation Committee of the Faculty Senate. Faculty members who choose to participate in any performance review of an administrator will do so as professionals, having the welfare of the University in mind when they respond to the questions. Confidentiality, anonymity, and security are emphasized during this process.

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