About the Program

When your student enrolls in dual credit classes in high school they are saving you over half of the actual tuition cost of most college credit classes. Depending on the amount of hours your student is enrolled in for dual credit at TWU while attending high school, they could potentially complete their entire freshman year of classes at half the price. Here is an example: 

Dual credit savings

A full year of college is two semesters, not including the optional summer semester. High school students can work these classes into their normal high school schedules and earn both the high school and college credit for the same class. As seen in the cost analysis below, it will save time and a substantial cost for one year. 

Dual credit cost v. regular college credit cost

Course Dual Credit cost Regular college credit cost
3 credits (One course) $150 $1,198
15 credits (One full semester) $750 $4,792
30 credits (Full year not including Summer) $1,500 $9,584

Tuition and fees

The cost for a three-hour credit course is $150. This is a substantial savings as the tuition and fees for TWU courses that are not part of the dual credit program is $1,198 per course. It is important to note that the tuition for the course does not include the cost of textbooks, which varies depending on the course. In addition to the course’s tuition, the student is responsible for the one-time application fee of $50.

* Add additional $45 per 3 sch for dual credit classes ($15/credit hour)

Homeschool students

Home school students must meet the same eligibility requirements as students who are enrolled in a high school, but will need a parent or principal to sign the Dual Credit Permission Form.

Home school students must follow the same registration deadlines set for traditional college students at TWU.


Seniors already participating enrolled in dual credit must re-apply and submit new transcripts and SAT or ACT scores to TWU.


The courses are challenging: On average, college students should plan to study at least two hours a week for every hour spent in the classroom. Students taking a three-semester hour class should set aside a minimum of six hours per week to study. 

Only courses in the TWU core curriculum are offered for dual credit through high school partners. TWU practices an embedded model for dual credit, by employing current district employees to serve as adjunct faculty for the university to teach the approved dual credit courses. Eligible instructors must have a master's degree in the field in which they teach or must have completed 18 hours of courses in the teaching discipline and be enrolled in a master's degree program at TWU. Dual credit instructors work with the appropriate department chair to ensure the curriculum is aligned to meet the learning outcomes for the course.


Pay careful attention to your instructor's system for assigning grades as indicated in the course syllabus. If you do poorly on a test or assignment, most college instructors will not allow you to repeat the work in order to improve your grade. Additionally, most college instructors will not award extra course credit for attendance or allow you to do extra work to improve grades.

Record of your enrollment and grades earned in dual credit classes will become part of your permanent academic college record after the TWU Census Date (12th class day fall and spring, 4th class day summer). If you find yourself doing poorly in a dual credit class, you may wish to withdraw from the course. Students who need to drop a class must work through their high school counselor in order to submit a Drop/Add Form before the last day for course withdrawal, which varies by semester. Courses withdrawn from before the Census Date will not be a part of your official transcript. See the Academic Calendar for drop dates and deadlines.

TSI testing

Course Course Title TSI Requirement
BIOL 1021 Environmental Biology Lab Math
BIOL 1022 Environmental Biology Math
BIOL 1111 Principles of Biology Lab Math
BIOL 1113 Principles of Biology Math
BIOL 1121 Principles of Biology II Lab Math
BIOL 1123 Principles of Biology Math
CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I Lab Math
CHEM 1113 General Chemistry I Math
Chem 1121 General Chemistry II Lab Math
CHEM 1123 General Chemistry II Math
SCI 2103 Intro to Environmental Chemistry Math
School of Management
ECO 1013 Principles of Microeconomics Math/Reading
ECO 1023 Principles of Macroeconomics Math/Reading
English, Speech, and Foreign Languages
ENG 1013 Composition I Reading/Writing
ENG 1023 Composition II Reading/Writing

Transferring TWU credit

You will need to request that an official transcript be sent to the college or university from TWU. Official transcripts are $10 and all financial and other holds must be cleared before a transcript can be issued.

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