A musical magical muddle


Alice In Wonderland

Texas Woman's University
Bedlam, 4th – 9th August. 10:15 (1h).
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Lake Simons and John Dyer’s musical re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s much-loved tale is stylish and charming, but not quite captivating.

Using forty puppets and a top-hatted one-man band, an ensemble cast follow Alice down the rabbit hole. Alice flits from human to puppet as she grows larger and smaller. Her adventures with the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts are endearingly and often musically narrated by John Dyer.

Dyer’s music, often reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, is the most delightful aspect of the show, and the beautifully crafted puppets come in a close second. Unfortunately, the lyrics seem lazily simplistic in places and the enchanting atmosphere of the play is periodically broken by the dropping of a white curtain to stage problematic scenes in silhouette. Perhaps too sophisticated for the advertised 5+ audience, this is nevertheless an imaginative and amiable adaptation.

[Natasha Long]


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