Little Chapel-in-the-Woods

Little Chapel-in-the-Woods

Constructed in 1938 and dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt on November 1, 1939, the Little Chapel in-the-Woods has been named one of Texas’ most outstanding architectural achievements. The chapel seats a total of 110 people, including 15 seats in the balcony. The chapel may be used for traditional weddings, nondenominational services, recitals, and events sponsored by recognized student organizations or other components of TWU.

When you select the Chapel for your wedding, you are not only choosing a beautiful place but also becoming part of a rich tradition. The first wedding in the Chapel took place in September of 1939, a full month before First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated the Little Chapel on November 1, 1939.

The historic "TWU Wedding Book" (originally called the "TWU Bride's Book") lists many of the weddings that were held in the Chapel over the years. The Chapel seats 110 persons, including 15 seats in the balcony.

Rates for the Ceremony Only

(Friday - Sunday)

3 hours + 1 hour Rehearsal

(Monday - Thursday)
3 hours; 1 hour Rehearsal is an additional $75
Holidays $950
3 hours + 1 hour Rehearsal
Additional Time $75 per hour


If you would like to request a reservation please complete the following form and email it to Conference Services. Once the form has been received we will send a confirmation along with payment information.

Please note your wedding date and time is not booked until payment has been received.

*Availability is limited on major holidays.

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