Compact with Texans

Introduction and Definition of Customers

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is a comprehensive, public, doctoral-intensive university located in Denton, Texas. As a teaching and research university, TWU emphasizes the liberal arts and professional studies with 147 programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. TWU’s Compact with Texas sets forth principles and defined the rights and standards that TWU’s customers should expect.

The customer service representative at TWU is J. Kyle Voyles, Executive Director for Civility and Community Standards. Contact information is:

Kyle Volyes
PO Box 425379
Denton, TX  76204-5379
Phone: 940.898.2968
Fax: 940.898.2978

As customer service representative, Mr. Voyles coordinates TWU’s customer service performance measurements, gathers information and evaluations from the public about TWU’s customer service, responds to customer concerns, and oversees TWU’s Compact with Texans.

TWU’s compact defines customers as students of all classifications and, when appropriate, their families and their communities, such as schools. Service provided for our students include admissions, financial aid, registrations and records, student life services, human resources, academic support services and academic offerings through academic departments.

Customer Service Principles and Objectives


  1. Continually seek to improve the quality of the education and services offered to students by TWU personnel.
  2. Value, recognize, and reward customer service efforts by TWU personnel.
  3. Annually use assessment tools and evaluation systems that will assess student expectation from the educational experience.
  4. Develop an approach to service based on user friendliness that is designed for convenience, ease of communication and prompt response.
  5. Use multiple communication sources to deliver information that is timely and relevant.
  6. Conduct regular evaluation of complaint procedures for effectiveness and user friendliness.


  1. Facilities: The facilities used by students and their families shall be well maintained, clean, properly presented, and accessible.
  2. Faculty, Staff, Administration: The TWU staff members who provide services are dedicated to quality customer service. Training programs, which promote customer service, are available to all employees and required for some. Frontline staff are expected to be readily identifiable through nameplates or tags.
  3. Communications (Printed and Electronic): Communications with customers shall be courteous, accurate, and efficient. A toll-free number is provided for use by new students and their families. Directories to campus offices and services are widely available. The Student Handbook, Catalogues, Course Schedules and the TWU Internet web pages clearly communicate the various formats and procedures for communication with various services and programs.
  4. Timely Service: The University and its staff will respond to each customer in a timely manner as described below:
    • A response to email inquiries will be provided within two working days or less.
    • A response to written inquiries will be provided within five working days or less.
    • A response to telephone inquiries will be provided by the next working day.
    • Inquiries in person will be handled immediately whenever possible, with any necessary follow-up to be completed within two working days or less.
  5. Printed Information: Printed materials from TWU will be accurate, timely, and informative.

Customer Service Complaint Procedures

Academic and student service related complaint procedures are provided annually in the Student Handbook and online at: The Office of Student Life may advise students who are uncertain about approach procedures.

Customer Service evaluation forms are available in each "front line" service office. These forms can be completed and submitted directly to the supervising Vice President. Customer service complaints may be reported verbally, in writing or by email to J. Kyle Voyles, Executive Director for Civility and Community Standards. Customers filing a complaint can expect a summary report within five working days.

Commitment to Excellence

TWU is committed to assessing and improving customer satisfaction. Every three years a student satisfaction survey is administered to collect feedback and measure the level of satisfaction of undergraduate students at TWU. The Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) is a commercial survey instrument produced by Noel-Levitz that is designed to measure students' satisfaction with their college experience. While colleges measure student satisfaction for many reasons, according to Noel-Levitz, “chief among them is that student satisfaction plays an important role in student engagement, learning and success. Institutions that measure satisfaction can understand this role, can systematically improve the quality of their undergraduate experience, can offer more educational value to students and families,” and can meet the “demands for accreditation and accountability.” Summary reports for target populations are provided to TWU for the purpose of comparing TWU student responses to a national sample of students at other four-year public institutions. The survey responses identify the areas that matter most to TWU students, where the university is meeting its expectations, and where the university has room for improvement. Results of these surveys are used in training and in university planning for continuous improvement.

The most recent administration of the SSI was in 2014. It provided a generally positive view of student satisfaction at TWU. TWU students consistently reported greater overall satisfaction in 2014 than in 2011 when the previous SSI was administered. Of the 85 total items available for comparison, only one item (“There was an adequate selection of food available in the cafeteria”) indicated less satisfaction in 2014 than in 2011; 9 responses did not indicate a statistically significant different results.

The information provided in the survey results is useful in both identifying strengths and challenges and in planning strategies to enhance and improve the experience of students at Texas Woman’s University. TWU is committed to achieving perpetual standards of excellence in all areas of the University experience – including customer satisfaction. Areas of high customer satisfaction are maintained and areas with lower levels of customer satisfaction are addressed with the focus on improving the customer service experience at TWU.

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