Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students and student organizations enjoy the following rights:

  • The right to an environment in the residence halls, academic buildings, and other areas on campus which will be as conducive as possible to study and serious inquiry.
  • The right to inquire about and to recommend improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students through appropriate channels such as student government, administrative offices, and various committees.
  • The right to a fair hearing (Code of Conduct Review Hearing) when charged with violation of University regulations.
  • The right to have their conduct proceedings addressed in a timely manner.
  • The right to bring witnesses to a hearing who are pertinent to the charges in question.
  • The right to bring an advocate, which may include legal counsel, to a hearing for the sole purpose of support.
  • The right to request special accommodations for concerns for personal safety, well-being, or fears of confrontation during the hearing by requesting separate facilities through technological means for hearings.

Students and student organizations enjoy the following responsibilities:

  • The responsibility for being fully acquainted with published regulations and for complying with these regulations in the interest of an orderly and productive community.
  • The responsibility for respecting the rights and property of other persons in the University community.
  • The responsibility for knowing that each student’s conduct reflects not only upon the student but also upon the university and the members of the community, and that conduct must be judged accordingly.
  • The responsibility to help maintain a safe environment by reporting suspicious, inappropriate, or dangerous behavior to University employees.


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