Campus carry message

Dear Members of the TWU Community:

Welcome back to another wonderful fall semester! It’s so invigorating to witness the energy of our students as they begin their fall classes!

In one of my last campus announcements, I explained the "campus carry" legislation that was passed by the 84th Legislature:

"Campus Carry – Senate Bill 11 by Sen. Birdwell and Rep. Allen Fletcher authorizes Texans who have a concealed handgun license to carry a concealed weapon on campus starting in August 2016. A key amendment was added in the House that allows TWU and all other universities one year to design a plan to implement procedures for campus carry. TWU campuses will be working with faculty, students and staff to develop a plan to be approved by the Board of Regents prior to August 2016."

It is time to begin designing a campus carry plan for Texas Woman’s University. Three separate committees will be created, which will represent the faculty, staff, and students across all three of our campuses. The committees (see membership lists) will be chaired by Chief Elizabeth Z. Pauley, Director of Public Safety. Each committee will meet a number of times during the fall semester and will solicit input during public forums as shown on the schedule. It is anticipated that the committees will provide preliminary plan recommendations at the end of the fall semester for submission to the chancellor’s cabinet for a mid-process review. Additional meetings will be scheduled during the spring semester to provide adequate time for the committees to provide final recommended plans to me for consideration before presenting to the Board of Regents for approval prior to the August 2016 implementation date.

The campus carry legislation is a very important and sensitive issue that will affect all three of our campuses. While the law provides some basic guidance on campus carry requirements, the committee members will be charged with soliciting input from their constituents, educating themselves on the various elements of the law, and then offering constructive dialogue during the committee meetings to ensure that the best interests of the campus community are represented in a clear and concise campus carry plan for Texas Woman’s University.

I look forward to receiving the recommended plans from the committees as we move forward in the required implementation of the campus carry legislation.

Best Regards,

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Texas Woman’s University

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