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Denton Campus Poster Printing

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Image of template for poster presentations.

Download Research Poster Templates

Measurements are in inches, Width x Height

Standard (TWU Symposium)

56W x 44H  | 50W x 44H


44W x 38H (NCUR) | 48W x 36H  | 36W x 48H 34W x 44H | 36W x 24H | 24W x 36H | 18W x 24H

Extra Long

72W x 44H |  96W x 44H

If not using one of these templates above, please be sure your dimensions are the size you'd like printed by setting your slide size in PowerPoint. Posters printed through campus services MUST be using approved TWU branding. It is recommended to use the templates provided above.

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1. Create your poster

Download a PowerPoint template below to get started. Remember, copyright law and guidelines will be observed.

2. Submit for printing

Specific fees and turnaround times vary for individual projects depending on materials and complexity. Turnaround time may be subject to the availability of staff and resources.

3. Pay for your poster

  • Posters are paid via IDT (Interdepartmental Transfers). Your department must agree to cover the cost of the printing and provide an account number to bill.
  • Creative Arts Symposium posters 
    An account number will not be required for Symposium prints. If you have been accepted to present at the Student Creative Arts & Research Symposium, please be sure to note it in your email. (See information about Symposium Poster Presentations.) The print-ready poster file should be submitted to

4. Pick up your poster

  • Posters and signage will be available for pick up in Stoddard Hall 306.
  • Please sign and leave the invoice before taking your poster.  

Contact Information 

Please direct inquiries and printing orders to:

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