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Our first cohort of Fellows and Senior Fellows is currently under review for Professional Recognition by the HEA. We are planning the next round of the HEA Fellowship program to start in Spring 2018 - stay tuned for further info.


The Center for Faculty Excellence is collaborating with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) to bring a series of “Faculty Recognition Workshops” to TWU in order to prepare a core group of our faculty to apply for HEA Fellowships. HEA is a UK-based organization backed by a conglomerate of 133 universities and colleges of higher education. With more than 72,000 Fellows across the globe, the HEA Fellowship is an internationally recognized badge of professional competency for those who teach and support learning in higher education.

The Center for Faculty Excellence will helm and sponsor this initiative in order to

  • prepare faculty to become ‘reflective practitioners’ and thus enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work in the area of teaching and supporting learning;
  • groom a group of fellows at TWU to become role models and departmental liaisons that will help elevate the status of teaching and professional development at TWU; and
  • send a signal that continuous improvement of one’s skills is not merely encouraged but expected for successful tenure and post-tenure review.

The CFE wants to support and encourage faculty to develop and apply reflective approaches to talking and writing about their professional practice and thus help them develop a teaching philosophy and leadership skills that can feed directly into their tenure dossier and/or professional portfolio. Becoming involved with the HEA will also help faculty gain national and international recognition for their contributions to teaching and learning within the higher education context. Lastly, it will immerse faculty into new ways of teaching, conducting assessment and offering feedback in order to enhance the overall student learning experience.

Take a look at the documents linked below to find out more about the HEA Fellowships, how to apply for this program, and what documentation to provide to the committee that will pick the TWU cohort. We would love to have participants from all three campuses!

 HEA-Info         HEA-Professional Standards Framework           HEA-CFE-Internal Application 


HEA Fellowship and Senior Fellowship Webinars 

On Oct. 24 and 25 Professor Sally Bradley, Academic Lead for Professional Learning and Development for the Higher Education Academy, conducted two webinars for faculty at Texas Woman’s University that provided a detailed overview of HEA Fellowships. One of the sessions was recorded and you can access it from here:

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording


Please Remember:  We have an internal application process! You will have to apply to the CFE to become part of the cohort that will be selected to attend the HEA Face-to-Face workshops in mid-November here at the Denton Campus.  The deadline for applying is November 4, but you do not have to wait until the last minute!  Please see the form for detailed instructions.

HEA-CFE-Internal Application

Preliminary Timetable: HEA Campus Visit

Pre-liminary Timetable: HEA Campus Visit

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