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Cheryl Brown, Miracle Soul Spices

Cheryl Brown smiling and holding jars of spices out the window of her light blue food truck style shop.

Texas Woman’s Center for Women in Business partner Cheryl Brown discovered her culinary arts passion in her mid-20s and opened Miracle Soul Spices in April 2018. Originally from Chicago, IL, Brown attended culinary school with the city colleges of Chicago and began her journey and love for food.

She moved to southern California, where she worked as a personal chef to various celebrities and experienced the joy of cooking and developing a career in the culinary industry. However, Brown also experienced severe and traumatic childhood and adult domestic abuses. She considers it a miracle when she emerged from situations alive and believed there was something greater than her current situation.

Brown knew there was something more to her life and developed Miracle Soul Spices out of this hope. Brown says mixing her spices became therapeutic for her. She works solo mixing, bottling, labeling and selling her spices at community markets and in person. You will never catch Brown without some of her products with her.

Spice flavors range from savory to sweet and include Greens-N-Things, Sugar-N-Spice, Hot-N-Spicy, All-N-One and a perfected blend of restaurant black pepper and salt called Salt-N-Pepper. Her newest flavor is Jamaican Jerk called Heat-N-Sweet.

Brown believes too many consumers buy spices unaware of what they are actually consuming and makes her products free of gluten, anti-caking agents or MSG. Brown’s versatile seasonings can easily be used by both professional chefs and first-time cooks.

Brown currently desires to expand, but needs access to capital funds to take her business to the next level. No matter how far she expands, her mission remains the same: "Put some soul in it" wherever you are cooking.

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