Student Information

Applications are due by Thursday, February 22nd.

What is the Job Shadowing Program?

The TWU Job Shadowing Program, offered to undergraduate students and targeting sophomores, is a way to connect you with TWU Alumni. The program serves as an opportunity for you to observe a professional work setting and gain understanding of an organization's culture, and day to day operations, to aid in your self-exploration and future goals.

March 12-16, 2018

Participate 1 to 5 days during this week.

Benefits of Participating in Program

  • Career Exploration: Gain exposure to career paths and industry fields to make informed major and career decisions.
  • Professional Development: Begin to develop and strengthen your skills, confidence, and industry awareness.
  • Networking: Connect with Alumni and future employers to begin building relationships and connections.

Common Student Questions

  • How should I prepare for the experience? You will attend a preparation session before the program week, and be given preparation resources.
  • How will I be matched with an Alumni? You will be matched with a host based on your selected areas of interest, availability, and location during Spring Break.
  • What kind of companies will be available to me? We will have a variety fields represented in order to give you the opportunity to explore career options.

Student Role

  • Attend a preparation session before program week 
  • Attend a focus group to debrief session after program week
  • Create an introduction email and a thank you letter for Alumni host
  • Actively engage with Alumni host before and during program week
  • Complete a program evaluation and reflection activity

Possible Day Activities

  • Tour of the workplace
  • Attend staff meetings (if appropriate)
  • Review organizational chart, company culture, and work environment
  • Meet and conduct informational interviews
  • Connect with recent grads panel
  • Attend Informational lunch sessions
  • Observe a client presentation
  • Attend a question and answer meeting

How Do I Participate?

  • Fill out the application form by February 22, 2018
  • Students are responsible for their own expenses. Consider details regarding parking, arrival, and special accommodations for these days before program week

More Info or Questions

Juan Armijo, Program Assistant