Holiday Gift Program

The TWU Holiday Gift Program for students with young families was established over twenty years ago to assist TWU student parents with financial need by providing gifts for their children during the holiday season.

Options for sponsorship:

  • Donate to the eToyBox if you would like to make a monetary donation

For students who would like to apply:

  • The student application for 2018 will be open in October.
  • Once applications have been collected and qualified (Mid-November), students will receive notification of their status (qualify for Holiday Gift, do not qualify, or waitlisted).

For more information:

Please connect with your respective points of contact should you have further questions.

Denton on-campus students:
Mere Maddox |

Denton off-campus students:
Melanie Baker |

Dallas students:
Robert-Thomas Jones |

Houston students:
Deb Unruh |

Online students:
Jessica Burchfield |

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