Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Program (Title IX)

Texas Woman’s University Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex/gender in educational programs as it effectively bars the victim/survivor and complainant’s access to educational opportunities or benefits. Title IX rights and responsibilities cover all of the University’s programs and activities. Sex/gender discrimination is prohibited by University policy as well. TWU’s policy on Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Assault applies to students, faculty, staff, and third parties (including visitors and community members) and this process should be read in conjunction with the expectations set forth in that policy which prohibits: sexual harassment, sex/gender discrimination, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, rape and other gender-based misconduct, stalking, relationship violence (including dating/domestic violence) and related retaliation. This conduct is generally referred to as “Sexual Misconduct.”

Texas Woman’s University is committed to investigating all allegations of Sexual Misconduct that are alleged against any individual by a Texas Woman’s University student, faculty member, staff member, or anyone else affiliated with Texas Woman’s University. Under the Sexual Misconduct Policy and this process, the University will also consider the effects of off-campus conduct when evaluating whether there is a hostile environment on campus. Sexual assault is a crime of violence that is never acceptable and will not be tolerated at Texas Woman’s University. The University is dedicated to the elimination of Sexual Misconduct and all other discrimination within the TWU community, and has adopted its Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Program (Title IX) which includes policies and procedures related to Non-Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct / Sexual Assault prevention and adjudication along with Reporting Options; University and External Resources and Mandatory Training Programs, all of which can be found on the website for the TWU Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Program (Title IX).

Any incidents or concerns regarding Sexual Misconduct should be reported immediately, even if the person(s) concerned about or harmed by the misconduct is unsure about pursuing a formal complaint. Please note that managers, supervisors and other responsible employees (employees with significant responsibility for student and campus activities at TWU) have an obligation to promptly report any Sexual Misconduct they observe or learn about to the TWU Office of Human Resources: Director & Coordinator of Title IX, Parrish Nicholls, J.D., (940) 898-3518.

TWU is committed to assisting complainant/victim/survivors of Sexual Misconduct through various support services available for students. These support services (sometimes referred to as interim measures) are available to students even if they chose not to file or pursue a disciplinary complaint or if the status of a respondent to the university is unclear (unenrolled student, non-employee, etc.). Students should feel assured that these support services will be available to them throughout this process and even after the conclusion of the adjudication process. Students who wish to receive confidential support services are encouraged to report this conduct to the counselors at Student Counseling Services (Denton: (940) 898-3801 / Dallas: (214) 689-6655/Houston (713) 794-2059 and/or to seek medical attention (TWU Health Services 940-898-3826 (local) or 888-898-8825 (toll free)).

Students should contact the Texas Woman’s University Department of Public Safety (TWU-DPS) if they have concerns about their safety or need transportation for medical services (Denton: 940-898-2911/Dallas: 214-689-6666/Houston: 713-794-2222). Such conduct can also be reported to any of the Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Reporting Liaisons who can assist in finding support services and can explain the different options for action inside and outside of the University. Support services can also be requested from any University official, including TWU Office of Human Resources: Director & Coordinator of Title IX, Parrish Nicholls, J.D., (940) 898-3518 or through the Judicial Affairs Administrator, in the Office of Civility & Community Standards, ( 940-898-2913). The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating interim measures which are necessary to the safety of the parties and the TWU community.

Filing a complaint

Complaints of Sexual Misconduct can be filed with the Judicial Affairs Administrator, in the Office of Civility & Community Standards ( 940-898-2913) or Director & Coordinator of Title IX, Parrish Nicholls, J.D., (940) 898-3518. If you would like make an online report, please use Civility and Community Standard Reporting. If you would like to make an anonymous report, please use the TWU Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

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