Molly Russ, PhD

A portrait of Molly Russ

Associate Professor
College of Business
Program Area: Human Resources and Management

Professional Preparation

PhD, Louisiana State University, Industrial Organizational Psychology


Molly Russ, PhD, is currently an Associate Professor of Management for Texas Woman’s University, teaching in the Management and Human Resources areas. Her research has focused on the topics of organizational commitment and escalation of commitment in performance evaluations and financial decision-making, on stereotypes and biased-decision making in hiring contexts, on the efficacy and efficiency of multitasking in the workplace, on teaching in virtual environments, and recently on narcissism and abuse in leadership. She also has a wide range of consulting experience including assessing job applicants and training in employee selection in the oil and gas industry, content validating job knowledge tests for large chemical refineries, conducting an employee needs analysis for a world-renowned biomedical research institute, developing and managing an online employee opinion survey for a large defense contractor, and jury selection consulting.

Representative Publications

Russ, M., & Crews, D. (March, 2014). A survey of multitasking behaviors in organizations. International Journal of Human Resource Studies.

Crews, D., & Russ, M. (2012). The impact of multitasking on human and organizational efficiency. Leadership and Organizational Management Journal.

Crews, D., & Russ, M. (2012). Multitasking myths: Test of a theory. Proceedings of the Society for Advancement of Management 2012 International Business Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Russ, M., & Crews, D. (2011). A survey of multitasking behaviors in organizations. Proceedings of the Society for Advancement of Management 2011 International Business Conference, Orlando, FL.

Russ, M., & Crews, D. (2011). Multitasking Behaviors in Organizations. TWU School of Management White Paper Series, Spring 2011.

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