Louis Carfagno, DM

A portrait of Louis Carfagno

Visiting Lecturer
College of Business
Program Area: Management

Professional Preparation

Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix, Management

MAS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Management

Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Professional Aeronautics


Louis Carfagno, DM, has more than 17 years of instruction experience and 11 years of management and leadership experience in aviation, aerospace, oil and gas, and the military community. He has held a position as the manager of the training production labs for United Space Alliance at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. He supervised employees who were responsible for the maintenance and care of the training and flight hardware for the NASA astronaut corps, engineers, test conductors and the International Station Partners. The equipment is used primarily to train the crew member to practice performing space walks in a 6.2 million gallon pool and to perform space walks to repair and enhance the International Space Station. Each crew member is trained for a period of two years prior to each space mission.

Previously, Dr. Carfagno was the Halliburton global training and development manager for the Sperry Drilling PSL. He was responsible for training around the world with offices in Houston, Dubai, Singapore, Cairo and Brazil.

Representative Publications

Carfagno, L. F. & Webber, J.K. (2015). A Warrior’s Guide to Job Interviews. Blurb Books. San Francisco, CA.

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