Jennifer Flanagan, PhD

A portrait of Jennifer Flanagan

Assistant Professor
College of Business
Program Area: Management

Professional Preparation

Post-Doctoral Degree, University of Florida, Management and Marketing

PhD, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Educational Psychology (specialization in Business Management)

MBA, Texas Woman’s University, Business Administration

BS, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Business Administration


Jennifer Flanagan, PhD, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior, operations management and research. Along with service in the school of management with regard to assessment and accreditation, Dr. Flanagan also serves as an Academic Assessment Fellow for TWU and as the College of Business representative for the Research Advisory Council. Outside of her work at Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Flanagan also volunteers with location schools in their college prep initiatives and offers free resume-writing services. 

Representative Publications

Reysen, S., Katzarska-Miller, I., Gibson, S., & Flanagan, J. (2016). Global Citizenship Identification and Willingness to Protest Unethical Corporations, International Journal of Business and Globalisation.

Flanagan, J. (2015). Gender and the Workplace: The Impact of Stereotype Threat on Self-Assessment of Management Skills of Female Business Students. Advancing Women in Leadership, 35, 166-171.

Flanagan, J. (2015). A Comparison of the Views of College of Business Deans and Faculty on Undeserved Authorships. Journal Of Education For Business, 90(5), 241.

Flanagan, J. (2014). Online v. Live-Taught: Analysis of Gender and Course Format in Undergraduate Business Statistics Courses in Relation to Online Corporate Training. Academy of Business Journal. 2, 7-16.

English, D.; Manton, E.; & Flanagan, J. (2013). Adam Smith vs Karl Marx Revisited, Education. 12, 451-455.

Flanagan, J. & Green, R.  (2013). The Impact of Stereotype Threat in Manual Labor Settings on Hispanic and African American Female Participants. Journal of Business and Economics, 5.

Guru-Gharana, D. & Flanagan, J.   (2012).  Econometric Study of Time Use and Scores in Online MBA Statistics Class: A gender analysis. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 13, 59-81.

Guru-Gharana, K., & Adhikari, D. & Flanagan, J. (2011). Comparing Two Exchange Rate Regimes under Purchasing Power Disparity. Journal of International Business Research, 10, 1-10. 

Flanagan, J. & Green, R. (2011). Stereotype Threat in Manual Labor Settings for Hispanic and Caucasian Participants. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, 15(2), 111-132. 22

Flanagan, J. & Green, R. (2011). Stereotype Threat in Manual Labor Settings for African American and Caucasian Participants. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 23(4), 89-112.

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