Gerald Goodman, Ph.D.

A portrait of Dr. Goodman

Program Director - Health Care Administration
College of Business
Program Area: Health Care Administration

Professional Preparation

Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Health Systems Management

M.S., Texas Woman's University, Health Care Administration

M.A.S., Southern Methodist University, Electrical Engineering

B.A.S., University of Houston, Electronics Technology

B.S., University of Houston, Math


Dr. Gerald R. Goodman joined the full-time faculty in the Health Care administration in September 2000. After completing a dual bachelor's degree program at the University of Houston in 1967, majoring in mathematics and electronics engineering technology, Dr. Goodman worked as an engineer with General Dynamics Corporation, in Fort Worth, Texas. During that time, he attended graduate school at Southern Methodist University, where he received the Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering in 1970. Since 1970, he has worked in the healthcare field and has completed the additional degrees of Master of Science in Hospital Administration from TWU in 1982, and Doctor of Public Health from University of Texas School of Public Health in 1999. Dr. Goodman's practice and research interests are in the area of health policy influence on health care performance and quality - medical device safety, patient safety and healthcare related occupational safety.