David Pan, PhD

A portrait of David Pan

Visiting Associate Professor
College of Business
Program Area: Business Law/Marketing

Professional Preparation

PDB AACSB SA Faculty, granted jointly by University of Florida & AACSB (Postdoctoral-Business - Marketing/Management (2010).

JD, College of Law, University of Tulsa (Jurisprudence Doctor)

PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Sport Management/Marketing

MA, Ball State University


The main line of research of David Pan, PhD, focuses on business enculturation logic determining both product and brand development through a congruity process. The relationships of this integrated conceptual framework can be manifested in a dyadic form of their respective dimension such as product development, brand congruence and enculturation conformance.

He deductively has established a new product taxonomy through modeling that provides the most efficient guidance in a strategy selection process in product development. He has also integrated the latest legal doctrines, particularly in the intellectual property right law, into his research for drawing the “lines” of what can be done in business.

He has been an expert in sport marketing and the Olympic movement in the areas of national team preparation and administration for the Olympics. He believes that students should develop their conceptual and critical thinking, collaborative and compassionate attitude, and confidence and caring in their learning process.

Representative Publications

Pan, D.W. & Pan, A.J. (2017). A new product taxonomy: Value co-creation from product to brand by enculturation conformance. 2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Educators’ Winter Conference Proceedings, G29-38.

Pan, David W., Fu, F.H., Young, M., & Pan, A.J. (2016). Distance of similarity: Assessing mimic product from authentic brand on enculturation conformance. China Marketing International Conference Proceedings, 138-158. The Best Paper Award (2nd Prize).

Pan, David W., Almosa, S., & Pan, A.J. (2016), Cultural adaptation or standardization: Effects of bank ethnological identity on performance differences in customer acceptance. China Marketing International Conference Proceedings, 159-174.

Pan, D.W., Pan, A.J., Clarke, L., & Mutlu, B. (2015). Endogenous congruence: Assessing product to become brand across culture and language, American Marketing Association (AMA) Educators’ Summer Conference Proceedings, D73-78.

Pan, D.W., Fu, F. H.J., Pan, A. (2015). Integrate congruity paradigm into sport consumer inquiry: Evaluation of mimic brand of sport product, HKRMA Review, 27, 12-18.

Pan, D.W., & Pan, A.J. (2015). Endogenous congruence: Panorama analysis of brand prominence. (January 27, 2015). Full paper available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2556424

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