Bachelor of Science in Biology with Research Emphasis


While completing the core requirements for the bachelor of science degree in biology, students should initiate a research project with a biology faculty member. This research may be initiated at any time, but no later than the spring semester of the sophomore year. Students must complete at least three (3) semesters of undergraduate research and must be enrolled in BIOL 4983 each semester while involved in the research project. This project culminates in the senior year with preparation of a senior thesis with publishable data. Additional required elective courses in biology and chemistry are selected through consultation with the biology department adviser. BIOL 4983 may be counted for up to 9 credits of biology electives.


  1. Complete the application form (.pdf).
  2. Attach an unofficial copy of your transcripts.
  3. Obtain the signature of the proposed research mentor, sign your name and submit all materials to the biology department in GRB 230.

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