Michael Bergel, Ph.D.

Michael Bergel holds cover of Journal of Biological Chemistry

Associate Professor

Office Location: GRB 223
Office Phone: 940-898-2471
Lab Phone: 940-898-2839
Fax: 940-898-2382
Email: mbergel@twu.edu 

Teaching Areas: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Genetics
Research Areas: Chromatin Remodeling in Cellular Stress Response, Cancer


Degree   Date Institution Field
Postdoc   1997-2003   NIH, National Cancer Inst., Bethesda, MD, USA   Chromatin (Non-Histone Architectural Proteins and Histone Acetyltransferases)
Ph.D. 1987-1994 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Cancer Biology, Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics
M.Sc. 1984-1987 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Genetics
B.Sc. 1981-1984 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Biology

Major Academic/Research Interests

My research is directed towards identifying novel chromatin-associated targets for cancer therapy and cancer prevention. The lab studies the cellular response to stresses (such as UV irradiation) and particularly focuses on the chromatin remodeling level. The rationale is that understanding the mechanism, by which our cells repair DNA-damage caused by ultraviolet irradiation, can help in developing a more efficient generation of sunscreens.

Other projects in my lab focus on developing new anti-cancer drugs that target the function of chromatin and chromosomes. We also study the involvement of complexes of chromatin modifying enzymes in the division of chromosomes during Mitosis.

Select Publications

  1. Hemangi Patil*, Carrie Wilks*, Rhiannon Wold Gonzalez*, Sudheer Dhanireddy*, Heather Conrad-Webb, Michael Bergel, Mitotic activation of a novel histone deacetylase 3-linker histone H1.3 complex by protein kinase CK2. The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC), (2015) Dec 9. pii: jbc.M115.643874.
  2. Cover Image of The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Volume 291, Number 7, Feb. 2016.
  3. M. Subramanian*, R.W. Gonzalez*, H. Patil*, T. Ueda, J-H Lim, K.H. Kraemer, M. Bustin, and M. Bergel. The nucleosome binding protein HMGN2 modulates global genome repair. FEBS J. (2009), 276: 6646-6657.
  4. J-H Lim, K.L. West, Y. Rubinstein, M. Bergel, Y.V. Postnikov and M. Bustin. Chromosomal Protein HMGN1 Enhances The Acetylation of Lysine 14 in Histone H3. EMBO J., (2005), 24(17):3038-48.
  5. M. Bergel, J.E. Herrera, B.J. Thatcher, M. Prymakowska-Bosak, A. Vassilev, Y. Nakatani, B. Martin and M. Bustin. Acetylation of novel sites in the nucleosomal binding domain of chromosomal protein HMG-14 by p300 alters its interaction with nucleosomes. J. Biol. Chem., (2000), 275(15):11514-11520.
  6. K. Huppi, D. Henderson, D. Siwarski, J. Hochman, M. Bergel, and G. Tuchscherer. Generation of monospecific Peptide antibodies to DNA binding domain of p53. BioTechniques, (2000), 29(5): 1100-1106.
  7. J.E. Herrera, K. Sakaguchi, M. Bergel, L. Trieschmann, Y. Nakatani and M. Bustin. Specific acetylation of chromosomal protein HMG-17 by PCAF alters its interaction with nucleosomes. Mol. Cell Biol., (1999), 19(5):3466-3473.
  8. Y. R. Rubinstein, K. N. Proctor, M. Bergel, B. Murphy and A.C. Johnson. Interferon regulatory factor-1 is a major regulator of epidermal growth factor gene expression. FEBS letters, (1998), 431:268-272.
  9. J.E. Herrera, M. Bergel, X.-J. Yang, Y. Nakatani and M. Bustin. The histone acetyltransferase activity of human CGN5 and PCAF is stabilized by coenzymes. J. Biol. Chem., (1997), 272(43): 27253-27258.
  10. N. Mador, H. Falk, A. Panet, M. Bergel and J. Hochman. Variant mouse lymphoma cells with modified response to interferon demonstrate enhanced immunogenicity. Cancer Immunol. Immunother., (1997), 44:249-256.
  11. M. Bergel, K. Bhatia, D. Siwarski, M. Gutierrez, J. Hochman and K. Huppi. Tumorigenic and non-tumorigenic (immunogenic) variants in a mouse T-cells lymphoma are associated with two distinct p53 mutations. Mol. Carcinogenesis, (1993), 8:221-227.
  12. P. Lazarovici, M. Bergel, T. Hason, E. Rahamim and J. Hochman. Immunomagnetic separation and analysis of non-malignant variants and parental malignant mouse lymphoma cells. Mol. Recognition, (1991), 4: 143-149.
  13. J. Hochman, S. Park, P. Lazarovici, M. Bergel and M. M., Gottesman, Monoclonal antibodies to immunogenic lymphoma cell variants displaying impaired neoplastic properties: characterization and application. J. Natl. Cancer Inst., (1990), 82:1821-1826

*TWU students

Courses and Teaching Responsibilities

Molecular and Cellular Biology (upper-level undergraduate and graduate level), and Genetics (graduate level)

Undergraduate courses:

  • BIOL 4681 Biology Seminar
  • BIOL 4813 Molecular and Cell Biology: Gene Expression (with Dr. Conrad-Webb)
  • BIOL 4811 Molecular and Cell Biology: Gene Expression -Laboratory
  • BIOL 4823 Molecular and Cell Biology: Genetics and Inheritance (with Dr. Conrad-Webb)

Graduate courses:

  • BIOL 5681 Biology Seminar
  • BIOL 6334 Advanced Cell Biology
  • BIOL 6513 Advanced Molecular Biology (with Dr. Conrad-Webb)
  • BIOL 6734 Advanced Genetics (with Dr. Conrad-Webb)

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