Science Fair

Two students win trophies in the 2018 TWU Science Fair

The 29th annual TWU Science Fair was held on Saturday April 7, 2018. Awards were presented to students in grades K-8 for categories: Best in Grade, 2nd in Grade, Best in Class, and Best in Group. 

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Best in Grade:

Kindergarten- Rohan Segriddy, “Watch Me I’m Ripening” – Universal Academy

1st Grade- Katherynne Gast, “Let it Grow”- Granbury ISD

2nd Grade- Krish Raghavan, “The Effect of Shiftwork Discorder on Understanding and Reasoning in the Emergency Department”- Harmony School of Innovation

3rd Grade- Santiago Lumbreras, “It’s in the Layers” – Granbury ISD

4th Grade- Nathanial Gast, “Getting a Better Grip”- Granbury ISD

5th Grade- Benjamin Gast, “Volt-A-More” – Granbury ISD

6th Grade- Ibrahim Brannon, “ Gauss Rifle”- Harmony School of Innovation

7th Grade- Akanksha Mehta, “How Green is Social Media?”- Frisco ISD

8th Grade- Brooke Speights, “Cellphone vs.Microwave-Skin and Onion Cells”- ICCS


Second in Grade:

Kindergarten- Ainsley Brashear, “Quick Color Flower Power”- Corinth Classical Academy

1st Grade- Paola Lumbreras, “Wormy Plants”- Granbury ISD

2nd Grade- Olivia Puente, “Go Bot Go”- Denton ISD

3rd Grade- Emily Martinez, “Homemade Water Filter”- Uplift Gradus Preparatory

4th Grade- Mariam Mekbeb-Gillett, “Dynamic Electromagnet”- Episcopal School of Dallas

5th Grade- Misha Tsimberg, “Inspiration Transpiration”- Uplift North Hills

6th Grade- Lyndsie Graber, “Will it Candle”- Corinth Classical Academy

7th Grade- Skennah Kalair, “Power Thru Water”- Harmony School of Business

8th Grade- Briana Sandoval, “Glass House”- Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

Best in Class:

K-3- Katherynne Gast, “Let it Grow”- Granbury ISD

4-6- Nathanial Gast, “Getting a Better Grip”- Granbury ISD

7-8- Akanksha Mehta, “How Green is Social Media?”- Frisco ISD

Best in Group:

K-3- Carson Morgan, Levi Logsdon, “Puppy Prejudice: Our Fur-Real Findings”- Granbury ISD

4-6- Jackson Gent, Leon Kroener, and Wilifred Vaz, “Earthquake Madness”- Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

Congratulations to all winners!

Special thanks to all Science Fair participants, teachers, parents, sponsors, judges, and volunteers.

Tentative 2019 Science Fair date: April 27, 2019.


Brandie Golleher

Director of College Advising and Academic Initiatives,
TWU College of Arts and Sciences

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