Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

TWU's longest standing tradition of recognizing academic excellence and campus involvement is the Who's Who nomination. Since 1934, TWU has put forth the names of its campus leaders and excellent scholars for selection by Who's Who. We recognize the students who were recently selected.

For more information on Who's Who please visit Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Undergraduate Honorees of 2017

Erin Alderman
Jarrielle Alexander
Sushmitha Ananth
Sandra Awad
Catherine Carr
Jamala Christopher
Madeline Clothier
Sarah Dahms
Ryan Dillman
Brittani Doty
Jordaine-Faith Enriquez
Kelsi Foxworth
Alexandria Goldberg
Michelle Gonnet
Mariana Gonzalez-Berrocal
Cassandra Grizer

Abigail Huff
Matleena Impola
Blaire Jackson
Vanessa Jimenez
Sana Khalid
Erica Lighten
Jasmine Marquez
Zuleyma Marroquin
Paige Masters
Jennifer Madrano
Esosa Osagiede
Haley Penn
Madyson Plummer
Kaylin Pope
Lisa Presley
Yazmin Ramos

Kerston Ring
Reinaldo L. Rodriguez
Claudia Santos
Alexis Sikorski
Brooke Sinclair
Shakar Soltani
Dennis Sorto
Shannon Spillers Nix
Katy Stephens
Elizabeth M. Thompson
Sirima Tongkhuya
Angelica Trosper
Alyssa Vogel
Natalie Windle

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