Class Agents

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The 1930's and 1940's

Class & Social Media Agent(s)
Class of 1939  Jane Robin Ellis 
Class of 1942  Jane Spragens 
Mary Evelyn Blagg Huey
Class of 1944  Hilma Pliskal Harral 
Class of 1945  Margaretta Reeve Bolding
Class of 1946  Maurine Lydia Lowrie Jacobsen  
Class of 1948  Madge Boucher Boynton 
Class of 1949  Doreen Dunlop Armstrong
Ayleen Armstrong Burden 

The 1950's

Class & Social Media Agent(s)
Class of 1951  Marilyn Neil Love 
Class of 1952  Beverly Sharp Germany
Rebecca Brawley Lee 
Class of 1953 Dottie George Wessels
Class of 1954 Annette Rowan Register
Myra Lawrence West
Class of 1955 Katherine Haddad Davis 
Class of 1956  
Class of 1957 Joanie Parks Shrader 
Class of 1958 Kay Williams Goodman
Suzette Pate Seabury 
Class of 1959 Corky Moore Aldridge
Susan Maxwell Jennings 

The 1960's

The 1970's

The 1980's

Class & Social Media Agent(s)
Class of 1980 Anglea Alford 
Class of 1981 Barbara Council
Pamela Tobey 
Class of 1982 Vickie Lee McQueen
Janet Hudspeth Schobelock 
Class of 1983 Sherrie Taylor
Donna Marsh-Allen
Wannee Lao Hellums
Glenda Lehrmann
Class of 1984 Yvette Sanderson Starr
Diana Corona
Marilyn Elliott  
Class of 1985 Anita McNevis Freeman  
Class of 1986 Vonnie George  
Class of 1987 Vicki Terry Byrd
Cynthia Kleis Tanttari  
Class of 1988 Melissa Winblood-Franco
Class of 1989 Patricia Ely McLain  

The 1990's

Class & Social Media Agent(s)
Class of 1990 Cassandra Jones 
Class of 1991 Amy Thasher
Patricia Hernandez Madigan
Elizabeth Desilva
Tobye Nelson 
Class of 1992 Lucena Micu DeVilla
Patrice Chavez Armor  
Class of 1993 Michelle Lopez  
Class of 1994 Nicole Hoefle-Cronenwett  
Class of 1995 M. Carolyn Smith  
Class of 1996 Elaine Lee
Class of 1997 Valerie June Martin
Paula Jane Kytle Warren
Class of 1998 Mary Williams Steen  
Class of 1999 Chre Davis-Parnell

The 2000's

The 2010's

Class & Social Media Agent(s)
Class of 2010 Luis Rendon 
Class of 2011 Andrea Castro-Bailey 
Class of 2012 Rachel Barington
Christina Wagoner
Hailey Stanley
Class of 2013 Sarah Ndedi
Kayla Pedroza
Class of 2014  
Class of 2015  
Class of 2016  
Class of 2017