Beulah Kincaid Fry Student Award

In recognition of 100 years of graduates from Texas Woman's University, Texas State College for Women, College of Industrial Arts and the Girls Industrial College of Texas, the TWU Alumni Association will honor one student who is a recipient of any TWU scholarship. The criteria for selection of this student are chosen from the leadership skills exhibited by Beulah Kincaid:

  • Lead in supporting the FSA's activities
  • Work to carry out the university's mission

Beulah Kincaid Award Application [PDF]

Past Recipients

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Year AwardedNameClass
2012 Christina Wagoner '12
2011 Haley Bulls '11
2010 Kathleen Riordan Unknown
2009 Nicolle Fernandes '10
2008 Tiffanie Choate '08
2007 Cyndi Vandiver '07
2006 Lindsey Durham '06
2005 Russel Mariott '05

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