Alumni Chapters & Groups

Alumni Association Chapters give alumni a chance to meet other alumni on a more personal setting. Whether it be a formal lunch aboard the Queen Mary, seeing a style show, hopping on a bus for a quick trip back to TWU, there is always something to do with AA Chapters. Joining any Geographic and Academic Chapter makes you an active member with any donation.

Want to network with other TWU graduates in your academic field? Feel like meeting other TWU graduates in your area for a social get together? Then it's time to find your place in a TWU AA Chapter!

Geographic Chapters

Chapter Chapter Contact(s)
Capitol Area (Austin) Debbie Winegarten 
Sandy Tognetti
Corpus Christi  Gaynel Torgerson, President
Kay West, Vice President
Cristina Herrera, Treasurer
Elia Gutierrez, Parliamentarian 
Dallas County  Alice Swank, 1978
Bonnie Potts, 1973
Judith Walker, 1960
Lee Blair, 1952
Denton Area  Barbara Rogers, President
Jane Ruffin, Secretary
Diane Dillion, Treasurer
Jay Vanatta, Scholarship Coordinator
Chelsea Mullin, Social Media Manager
Fort Worth Connie Sitterly, President
Diane Cheshier, Vice President
Anniece McKanna, Secretary
Mary Beth Cummings, Treasurer 
Houston Sarah Crawford Nelson
Hoy Gatlin
Vivian Bilby Ivy 
San Antonio Yvonne Cosgrove 
Jean Judy
Beatrice "Bea" Zepeda
Denise Klapp
Southern California* Carol Mitchell
Norma Fulcher
Ann Nomicos
Dora Guerra Aumann
Mary Strother
Laurie Riggio
Joan Wilson 
Northern New Mexico Janine Brunjes 

*The Southern California chapter offers a $1,000 scholarship to a student from California. The tuition of our scholarship recipient is waived the out-of-state tuition fee. 

Academic Chapters

BECA (Bilingual Education Centro de Accion)

The BECA program existed for a span of several years beginning in 1969 through the late ‘70s and early 80’s. This past April, 2016, a small group of alumni who participated in this unique educational program, reunited and shared where they went and where they are now. 

Dental Hygiene

As a proud supporter of the TWU's Dental Hygiene program, our chapter organizes our annual silent auction as our scholarship fundraiser. If you have items to donate, please contact Amy Teague or the chapter officers.