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There is an increase in the number of TWU students and families asking for additional financial assistance during these difficult economic times. All of us feel the impact of higher gasoline costs through higher grocery and consumable costs. We are committed to doing our part to keep TWU affordable by not raising tuition. At the same time both the Federal government and the State of Texas are working to balance their respective budgets.

One of the areas under consideration for cuts in funding is financial aid for higher education students. At present, 74% of TWU's total student population is dependent upon some sort of financial aid. Currently, the TEXAS (Towards EXcellence, Access and Success) Grant Program, established by the Texas legislature to make sure that well-prepared high school graduates with financial need could go to college, faces a projected 40 percent cut in funding.

For TWU, that means that 363 new students would not receive funding. New students are critical to TWU's future and to our enrollment growth. Furthermore, enrollment growth increases our funding through the formula used to calculate state appropriations. At Texas Woman's University, scholarship support for our students is critical.

I write today to ask you for your help. We need unrestricted general scholarship funds at TWU to provide the assistance that is required to meet the growing demands. Without these scholarships and grants many TWU students will likely not be able to start or continue to pursue a college education. Nearly 60% of TWU's graduates are first-generation college students. Your gift will make a difference to those students who receive assistance.

If you wish to give now, please visit our secure online Make a Gift site. Choose GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND in the drop-down Designation menu. Or you can mail your gift to Institutional Development, Texas Woman's University, P.O. Box 425618, Denton, TX 76204. Click here to download and print the General Scholarship Gift Form.

At TWU, we are working hard to provide our students with a quality education and prepare them to enter the workforce. We ALL depend on an educated workforce to face the challenges ahead for our State and Nation. Please join me in supporting our talented students with a scholarship gift. Please GIVE TODAY, the need has never been more critical. I promise we will put your gift in the hands of a deserving student who will appreciate your help.

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