Transfer Equivalency Policies

  1. Credit from a two-year college: Students may transfer credit hours from a community and/or junior colleges. Only academic coursework and specific workforce or technical credits will transfer. Substitutions and/or changes may be made after consultation with your academic advisor.
  2. Credit from a four year institution: There is no maximum number of semester credit hours transferred from four-year institutions; however, students must observe the TWU residency requirement for graduation. Also, there is a penalty for excess hours taken above the required number of hours for a degree. Please refer to the TWU Undergraduate Catalog for details.
  3. Calculated GPA for Admissions: ALL grades for college-level courses (including Fs) will be considered for calculation of grade point average to determine admission to TWU.
  4. Repeated Courses: If a transfer course has been taken more than once at another institution, TWU will accept the best grade awarded to the student for that course.
  5. Transferable Grades: Effective for new students beginning in the Spring 2011 semester, all courses, including those with a grade of "F" will transfer. ALL grades for college-level courses (including Fs) will be considered for calculation of grade point average to determine admission to TWU.
  6. Non-Transferable Courses: College preparatory course work in remedial math, reading, and writing is not transferable and does not satisfy college-level requirements at TWU.
  7. Classification Level of Courses: Courses will transfer to TWU at the level at which these courses were classified by the institution granting the credit, unless specified otherwise in the institutional transfer equivalency guides. Community college courses will count as lower-level courses, unless otherwise specified.
  8. Unaccredited institutions: Courses taken at institutions not holding regional accreditation will be evaluated independently and on a course-by-course basis.
  9. Alternate Credit Project™: TWU accepts selected courses from the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Alternate Credit Project™. Please visit the Alternate Credit Project site for information on course equivalencies.
  10. Life/Work Experience: TWU does not accept life or work experience as college credit.
  11. Military Experience: TWU follows the recommendations of the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.
  12. Confirming Transferable Coursework: Upon acceptance to TWU, students may view their transfer work and unofficial transcript through their Pioneer Portal account.
  13. Re-evaluate Transferability: Texas Woman’s University reserves the right to re-evaluate the transferability of specific courses offered by other institutions, and to amend the University course and/or program offerings without prior notice.

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