Transfer Resources

Visit the next Transfer Connection event to learn about admissions, financial aid, the Touchstone Honors program and transfer student services. 

Touchstone Honors Scholars

The Touchstone Honors program is a unique honors program designed for transfer students. It emphasizes research, leadership and service. Touchstone scholars have established a strong track record of placement in prestigious graduate and professional schools across the country including TWU's graduate school.

Patrice Briggs sitting in the student union at lunch
[The staff in the Touchstone office] always seem to be available to the honors students when we need them, and these are relationships every college student needs during their journey...
 Patrice Briggs, Graduated in 2016, transferred from Sam Houston State University, Touchstone program


TWU offers more than $15 million in scholarships annually, including many just for transfer students. Additional financial aid is also available. The Dream Come True Scholarship is available for DCCCD transfer students. Complete the Dream Come True checklist with your advisor at DCCCD.

CARE Office

TWU's Campus Alliance for Resource Education is a support center for commuters, transfer students, veterans and students with families. We offer support for all students in all walks of life. 

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