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Office of the Chancellor Chancellor Stuart, Dr. Richard Nicholas and TWU graduate Excellence 2012-2013

Dear Friends,

After much thought, I have decided it is time to pass the stewardship of Texas Woman’s University on to another who will lead TWU to the next level in its long and proud history.

The transformation that has taken place at TWU since I came here is a testament to faculty, staff, alumnae, and administration working together to educate students who impact lives at the most fundamental levels. The vision, innovation, stewardship and, above all, hard work of these individuals have made the university stronger and smarter, and positioned it for an even brighter future.

The transformation continues. Our students have grown stronger academically. Faculty members have distinguished themselves in the classroom, the laboratory, the community and globally through sharing their knowledge at conferences and clinics. Innovative building projects have and are re-engineering our campuses. Our financial foundation is solid, enabling us to ensure a promising future for students today and tomorrow.

I feel privileged to have been part of that effort and what it has produced – a vital institution recognized for having academic programs, facilities and technology which anticipate the workplace and prepare students to serve the citizens of Texas in critical fields.

Serving TWU has been the highlight of my career. As a first generation college graduate, I know first-hand the profound difference an education can make in one’s life. I often say education cannot change a person’s life; he or she must be committed to that, but education can change one’s opportunities. To know that I have in some way helped give others this opportunity is deeply rewarding. I thank you all for sharing in this adventure with me.

When I arrived at TWU in 1999, I felt privileged to become part of this historic institution, and as the years have passed that feeling has only grown. I have always enjoyed the refreshing enthusiasm of the students, the dedication and strength of character of the faculty and staff, the strong memories of alumnae, and the firm support of informed and thoughtful Regents. All of this I will take with me and cherish.

A new chancellor and president is expected to be named by 2014. The Regents and I have agreed that I will continue as chancellor and president until a successor is chosen. Until then, we have much to do to ensure that the university’s momentum continues.


Ann Stuart, Ph.D.

Dr. Ann Stuart, Chancellor and President
Chancellor Ann Stuart Texas Women's Hall of Fame 2012 Induction
Governor Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry are shown with the 2012 inductees to the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. Among the 2012 inductees is TWU’s Mary Saunders (second from right), Director of the TWU Leadership Institute.

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