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Women's Studies students

WS 5023 Foundations for Scholarly Inquiry in Women's Studies [pdf]
Historical origins and development of Women's Studies within higher education, including critiques and contributions by women of color; relationships between theorizing and activism; the challenges of multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinarity; and emerging issues.  Emphasis on development of research, writing, and communication skills.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit:  Three hours. 

WS 5043 Art, Activism, and Social Justice[pdf]
Investigation of history and contemporary examples of the use of artistic works by activists and social movements.  Focus on feminist art, art activism, and artists who create art for political purposes.  Exploration of theoretical frameworks to analyze art, aesthetics, performance, and visual culture.  Three semester hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5093 Law, Gender, and Sexuality [pdf]
Evolution of legal rights for women and sexual minorities and theoretical issues raised in concrete legal cases.  Examination of debates over equality approaches in law; ways in which law constructs gender and sexuality; and the intersecting roles of gender, sexuality, and race in legal doctrine and theory.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5193 Rights, Race, and Social Justice[pdf]
Interpretations of the utility of constitutional rights in movements for social justice, with special attention to struggles for racial equality.  Readings in legal studies, social sciences, critical legal studies, and critical race theory that address the relationship of legal rights and change.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit:  Three hours.

WS 5253 Transgressive Identities: Queer Theories and Critical 'Race' Theories [pdf]
Feminist and womanist interventions into recent developments in queer theories and critical 'race' theories; the effects of racial, sexual, and gender impersonation, passing, and masquerade on identity categories. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5263 Feminism and Religion [pdf]
Women's contributions to the formation and development of religious traditions with emphasis on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; interconnections between religion, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and culture; feminist critiques and transformations of religious traditions; relationships between spirituality and social change. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5283 Ecofeminist Theorizing, Spirituality, and Activism 
Ecofeminist theorizing concerning interconnections between environmental degradation, sexism, racism, and globalization; spiritual dimensions of ecofeminism and ecofeminist approaches to social change and environmental justice. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5293 Gloria Anzaldúa Seminar: Theories, Politics, and Transformation [pdf]
Investigation of the theories and literature of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, focusing on her contributions to feminist theory, queer theory, postructuralism, and other contemporary theorectical movements in the social sciences and the humanities.  Examination of Anzaldúa's impact on Women's Studies, ethnic studies, and other academic disciplines.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5353  Feminist Pedagogies [pdf]
Feminist philosophies of education and their significance to women's studies; pedagogical strategies for developing critical consciousness about social inequalities; preparation for teaching undergraduate courses in women's studies. Prerequisite: Three graduate credit hours in women's studies. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours. 

WS 5363 Feminist/Womanist Epistemologies [pdf]
Feminist, womanist, and indigenous engagements with Cartesian knowledge systems, focusing on recent developments in epistemology/ontology/metaphysics and their potential contributions to social-justice work; investigations of how social, geographical, historical, and bodily location(s) affect knowledge production, consumption, and transformation. Prerequisite: WS 5463 and three additional graduate credit hours in women's studies or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5373, Black Feminist Thought [pdf]
Examination of various strands of black feminist thought from the nineteenth century to the present.  Distinct methodologies of black feminist theorists and how theories may be used for political and social transformation.  Three seminar hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5383 Women at Work: Race, Migration, and Labors [pdf]
Investigation of impact of race, class, and gender politics on the migration and labor experiences of women.  Examination of media representations of women workers and similarities and differences in work experiences among women from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Three seminar hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5463 U.S. Women of Colors [pdf]
Histories, theories, cultures, consciousness, and lives of U.S. women of colors from a variety of perspectives; issues related to conflict, agency, survival, resistance, intervention, and transformation. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Three seminar hours a week. Credit: Three hours. 

WS 5773 Qualitative Research Methods  [pdf]
Qualitative research philosophies including phenomenological, critical and feminist perspectives. Research design, data collection, analysis, and writing. Strategies for studying women's lives and developing culturally sensitive models. Responsible research and professional ethics including IRB process. Hands-on research. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5843 Feminist/Womanist Theories  [pdf] 
Exploration of feminist/womanist critical inquiry, focusing on particular theoretical issues, historical writings, and/or disciplinary contexts within the diverse body of scholarship of feminist/womanist theories. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.  Three seminar hours a week.  Credit:  Three hours.

WS 5853 Spiritual Activism: Social Justice Theories for Holistic Transformation [pdf]
Exploration of issues related to spirituality, political activism, personal changes, and social transformation, focusing on multicultural approaches to social change.  Investigates the roles of the imagination, creativity, and the arts in struggles for social justice.  Examines indigenous contributions to holistic forms of activism.  Prerequisites: WS 5463 and six additional hours of graduate credit in Women's Studies or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5903 Special Topics
Seminars on topics related to womanist/feminist theories or current areas of inquiry in multicultural-women's studies. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5911 Individual Study
Individual study of topics in women's studies. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit. Credit: One hour.

WS 5913 Individual Study
Individual study of topics in feminist theory, scholarship, or student's interests and needs. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Credit: Three hours.

WS 5933 Internship in Women's Studies
Supervised practical experience in an agency or organization related to the intellectual and career interests of students.  Ten practicum hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.

WS 5983 Thesis
Credit:  Three hours.

WS 5993 Thesis
Credit: Three hours.

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