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Jessie Valadez and Dr. Phillips




Debra Friedman Dayton
"Older Women of Faith Changing the World: The Impact of Older Women's Participation in Interfaith Organizations and Social Activism"

Jennifer Hall
"Fracking Freedom: A Comparative Analysis of Gas Drilling in Hurst, Texas" 


Berenice Dimas
"The Metaphysics of Holistic Transformation through Spiritual-Erotic Narrative in Gloria E. Anzaldúa's 'She Ate Horses'”

Erica Granados De La Rosa
“Up Next: The Epistemic Power of Spoken Word Poetry” 

Aimee Howarth
“Body Image, Figure Preference, and Social Comparison among Female Athletes in Sex-Integrated and Single-Sex Athletic Program” 

Diann R. Maurer
“'You Make Me Feel Like My Life is Over!’:  Tele/visions of Contemporary Postmaternal Women” 

Patience Osume
"A Metaphysical Evolution: Realizing a Spiritualized (In)visible Activist Theory"


Michael Franklin
"Applying Ecofeminist Theory to Christian Mission Work in Honduras:  Building Theoretical Bridges for Real Change"

Brandi Garcia
"Faux Queens - Fauxing The Real: Biological Women, The Art of Drag, and Why the Real is Drag and/or How I Became a Drag Queen and/or How to Paint a Drag Mug"

Frances Reanae McNeal
"'Sacred Activism': The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers"

Kimberly Merenda
"Eating the Other in 'Mei's Last Barbecue': Kyriarchal Speciesism as Social Paradigm"

Colleen Moore
"Healing, Honoring, Transforming: The Power of Spiritual Activism in Marilou Awiakta's Work"

Susana N. Ramirez
"Moving Beyond Borderlands: Shifting towards New Theoretical Understandings of Spiritual Activism in Gloria E. Anzaldúa's Children's Literature"

Dana Gant Wilson
"Conversations on Conversion: Applying Anzaldúa's Theory of Nepantla to Rosemary Radford Ruether's Call to Conversion"


Jessann Duenas Blas
"Cultural Identities and Interconnections in Secondary Education"

Susan Bradley
"Outdoors Girls: Incorporating an Ongoing Connection with the Outdoors into the Prevention of Negative Body Image in Girls"

Samantha Marconi
“Breaking through the Binary, Shifting the Conversation:  A Multi-Perspective Conversation on Gay Marriage and Queer Equality”

Shamethia Webb
"'I'm Not Your Superwoman': How Jewelle Gomez's Vampire Gilda Can Help Black Women Recover From Strong Black Womanhood"


Jessica Camp
"Radical Rhetoric:  An Excavation of Gloria Anzaldúa's Early Drafts of 'La Prieta'"

 Rachael Federico
"Battered (M)Others Syndrome: Mothers Who Kill Their Batterers and the Children Who are Left Behind"

Meredith Fortner
"Stripping Subjectivity: Dynamic Multiplicity, 'Covert Mimesis,' and Reinscription/Resistance through Subversion"

Deepti Sihota
"Included in the Exclusion: South Asian Indian Mothers in North American Diasporas"

Lauren Volpe
"Terrifying Environments, Environing Terrorism: An Ecofeminist Critique of the FBI's Response to the Earth Liberation Front"


Johnny Stein
"The Matter of Sex and Gender:  A Dialogue between Trans Bodies and Feminist Theories"


Tara Conley
"Confronting and Transforming The Foe Within:  An Application of Nepantla Theory"

Sally Sayles-Hannon

"In Search of Multiculturalism: Uprooting Whiteness in Curriculum Design and Pedagogical Strategies"

Rebecca Lane Wiseman
"'Goodbye Mammy, Hello Mom'": How Black Women Reclaimed Domesticity in the Post-World War II Period"   


Kimberly Johnson
"Exploring the Multi-Dimensional Dynamics of Terrorism: Cultural, Political, and Gender Implications of the Female Suicide Bomber Phenomenon"  

 Angela Johnson-Fisher
"Afristocracy: Free Women of Color and the Politics of Race, Class, and Culture"

Melissa Flewelling
"Desire and Intimacy: Focusing on the Demand(s) Created in International Online Dating Agencies"

Laura Knudson
"Cindy Sheehan and the Rhetoric of Motherhood: A Textual Analysis"

Harry McMaster
"'Whitely' Individualism and Choice in 'Post,' 'Conservative,' and 'Third-Wave' Feminism"

Nery Morales
"Moving Beyond the Limitations of Chicana Feminist Theory"

Courtney O'Dell Chaib
"Mothers with Multiple Sclerosis: Voice, Identity, and Empowerment"

Mary Jane Philpy
"Sexual Binaries: An Examination of Mixed Messages and Teenage Female Sexuality in Education and Media"


Charles Frederick Cook, IV
"Creating and Maintaining a Women's Studies Oral History Program"

Kami L. Fletcher
"The Niagara Movement: The Black Protest Reborn"

Janice A. Moran
"How Whiteness Affects Ableism: The Expansion of Whiteness Beyond Issues of Race and Class"

Erin L. Rider
"Promoting Solidarity at College Parties: Women's Ability to Resist Sexual Assault"

Jo-Ann Juchniewicz Stankus
"Feminism, Capitalism, and 'Conscious Capitalism': Creating and Teaching a New Educational Paradigm for Twenty-First Century Women's Studies and Business Students"


Meena Anbunathan
"AIDSism: Theorizing the Politics of Domination Centering HIV/AIDS"

Tushabe Mercy Caroline
"The Autonomy of Ugandan Women's Organizations: Its Significance for Creating and Maintaining a Dependable Democracy"

Janice E. Fowler
"Contemplating a Black Feminist Thought: Can African-American Women Reinvent the Social Club Movement?"

Victoria A. Genetin
"Exploring a Woman-Centered Approach to Pregnancy and Birthing through the Framework of Nepantla"

Sarah Hogue
"Shifting LGBT Epistemologies: An Exercise in Gloria Anzaldúa's El Mundo Zurdo and Conocimiento"

Lea C. Ivy
"Deconstructing, Reclaiming, and Transforming the Discourse of Fetal Personhood: A Pro-Choice Feminist Imperative"

Shilpashri Karbhari
"The Intersectionality of Domestic Violence and Anzaldúa's Theory of 'New Tribalism'"

Kavitha Koshy
"Nepantlera-Activism in the Transnational Moment: Unraveling Cross-Cultural (Mis)Understandings through a New Theorizing of Activism in Transnational Feminist Spaces"

Jill Malolepszy-Boeke
"'Now Let Us Shift' Towards a 'Spiritual-Imaginal-Political' Vision of Eating Disorders: An Application of Gloria E. Anzaldúa's Seven-Step Theory of Conocimiento"

Mildred Masimira
"The Infected and the Affected: Married Women, Culture, and HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe"

Patricia Nolan
"From Binary to Tertiary: Achieving a New Tertiary Embodiment of Wo/Man/Machine Through the Lens of Philosophy and Science Fiction"

Dorotha M. Ocker
"Small But Salty, Cinderella of the Armed Forces: The United States Coast Guard, 1976-1982"

Robin Orlowski
"HB 569: Placing Texas Women in Pain"

Juli Ann-Winner Saxton
"Give Us This Day Our Heavenly Mother: Understanding the Patriarchal Concealment of the Mormon Heavenly Mother"


Lisa A. Cauley
"The 'State' of Education: Creating Effective Special Education Programs"

Andri Marlies Foiles
"On the Backs of Our Sisters: Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Unionizing Global Workers - A Guideline for Social Change"

Susan Dolce Lynch
"Elective Cesarean Births: Forté or Failure of Feminism?"

Carrie McMaster
"Kindred Spirit: A Place for Gloria E. Anzaldúa in Feminist Disability Studies"

Soni Thapa Oli
"Domestic Violence Among Nepalese Women in the U.S."

Emily C. Rivendell
"Don't Call It 'Date' Rape: The Drug Rape Epidemic"

Susan Noel Townzen
"Reconceptualizing Death: An Ecofeminist Critique of Professional U.S. Funerary Practices"

Doreen Sandra Watson
"Representations of Black Women in Modern-Day Situation Comedies: Trends and Implications "


Jennifer Brockman
"Tendiendo La Abertura Y Recreando Identidades: Feminist Theorizing Through the Poetic Language of Gloria Anzaldúa"


Patricia A. Stukes
"Resurrecting Womanist Theory from the Lyrics of India Arie, Lauren Hill, and Me'shell Ndegeocello: The Performance and Pedagogy of Race and Gender Politics"


Karen Kapusta-Pofahl
"Ženy a Aktivismus: Czech Women and Gendered Activism"

Kari Kesler
"From the Homefront: A Qualitative Study of the Women of a Mexican Community"


Stephanie G. Rodriguez
"Spacing the Extraordinary: Dis/Ability and Homeplace in Toni Morrison's Sula"















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