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The Write Site Objectives

The Write Site DOES:

  • Help students with all stages of the writing process from prewriting to revision
  • Help students:
    • develop invention strategies (brainstorming, pre-writing, etc.)
    • integrate research findings into their text
    • understand appropriate use of documentation
    • hone stylistic skills including grammar and usage
    • prepare resumes and application letters
  • Help non-native speakers with writing in English
  • Help with assignments that require use of software related to writing
  • Help students prepare to pass the writing portion of THEA

The Write Site DOES NOT:

  • Write students' papers
  • Edit or proofread student work
  • Interpret comments from another instructor or justify a grade
  • Extend a tutoring session beyond the time scheduled or begin ahead of appointments (limit: two 30 minute sessions per week)
  • Assist students with any type of exam (in face to face or OWL sessions)  

Expectations for Students

  • Students must bring their student IDs with them to the Write Site.
  • The success of a Write Site visit depends entirely on the collaboration between the student and the writing consultant.; active participation is expected on the part of the student.  The consultant will not write a student's paper; therefore, the student must come prepared to answer open-ended questions and have a discussion about her/his work.
  • If possible, students should bring a copy of the writing assignment so consultants have a clear understanding of what will be worked on during the session.
  • Students should be considerate of consultants and fellow students by silencing their cell phones during a session.  If a student chooses to text or to use his/her phone during a session, the student may be asked to leave.
  • If a student is more than ten minutes late to a thirty minute session or more than twenty minutes late to an hour session, the appointment will be forfeited and has to be rescheduled for another time. 
  • If a student fails to cancel or reschedule an appointment three times in one semester, he/she will lose the privilege of using Write Site services until the end of that semester. 
  • Students should be respectful of consultants' time.  If you cannot complete your work in one session, please schedule a second session.  Consultants cannot allow appointments to exceed their allotted time if other students are waiting for appointments or on-line papers are waiting to be addressed.
  • The Write Site is not an editing service: Write Site consultants will help students focus on larger concerns such as organization and content.  Therefore, the type of assistance we are able to offer will be limited if students come into the center with too little time to work on revisions.  Students should allow enough time between their sessions and the due dates of their papers to attend to their revisions.
  • Consultants cannot assist students on a written exam.  If a consultant suspects a paper is an exam, the student will be asked to obtain permission from their instructor in order to receive Write Site assistance.  Consent should be emailed by the instructor directly to the director at

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