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About the OWL

We do offer the Online Writing Lab (OWL) if students cannot visit our brick and mortar Write Site; however, we do believe a face-to-face session with a writing consultant is the most effective way to receive writing assistance.  You can electronically submit essays to the OWL to work with a Cyber Tutor (an online writing consultant).

For this option, the same guidelines apply as with a face-to-face session with a writing consultant at the Write Site. The Cyber Tutor can help you get started on an assignment, expand or develop ideas in a draft you have started, or answer specific questions you have about grammar or documentation in order to help you better understand the difficulties you might be having with mechanical issues as well as how to improve skills in those areas. However, we will not edit your paper or do the work for you.  What we hope to provide is an opportunity for you to have a trained reader offer feedback and guidance to help you improve not only a given written product, but your writing processes and practices as well. 

Guidelines for OWL Submissions

  • Please allow up to 48 hours (two business days) for a response for an OWL, please note that submissions sent after closing time will not be reviewed until the next business day.
  • Please include all information on the OWL submission form.  Providing a thorough description of the assignment and specific concerns for the writer will allow the Cyber Tutor to provide more effective feedback.
  • Like face-to-face appointments, the OWL works on a first-come, first-serve basis. We cannot move students ahead in the waitlist so please send submissions with enough time to complete revisions before the due date.

To Schedule an OWL Session

We limit our OWL appointments to 45 minutes, so we ask that students send in only one electronic submission per week of 6 standard pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins).

  • The OWL Submission process is very similar to scheduling a face-to-face appointment, to begin follow the steps below:
    1. Visit, here you will be asked to register an account.
      1. *Please register using your personal email first, and also give your TWU email address when prompted.
    2. Once you have done so, you will be viewing the Write Site face-to-face schedule by default.
    3. However for OWLs, by "Current Schedule," select "OWL Submissions" instead. This will take you to an alternate schedule where you can make you OWL appointment.
    4. Select a time slot and an available tutor, and you will be prompted fill out an appointment request form.
    5. After you have completed an appointment request form, the success window should appear, and just below it will read: "If you would like to attach a file to this appointment, click here."
    6. Click on this link, and follow the prompts to attach your paper.

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